Gear boxes - problem seem to be spreading

G'day all,

Yes, I am a worry wart.. :D. There seem to be alot of posts of late regarding WR/YZ's loosing gears or getting jammed in gear, etc.... :)

Once somebody gets closure on the apparent cause of the gear box problems, PLEASE forward it to Bryan for inclusion on the Technical Update site. :D

Thanks all and I wish you all luck in getting those damn problems sorted out quick...



I'm taking my bike in this afternoon :) . I'll let you guys know as soon as I know.

did a pretty serious face plant after comming up short on a double saturday.

after making sure there wasn't any bones poking out, i got back on the bike and found first gear hard to find. have to keep stomping on the lever to get it into gear. if i'm down shifting, it goes into neutral(sp?)instead of first. didn't check to see if the lever was bent and hitting the frame since i only rode for another 10-20 minutes because i was so bent up, going to see the ortho today. what do you think it could be? bikes ok otherwise.

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