04 Ttr 125l Oil Questions

:confused: How Often Should I Change It , What Should I Use , How Expensive , And Do I Need To Mess With The Oil Filter

Oil filter on a TTR 125??

I just changed mine. Went to the local shop and asked for 4 stroke oil. all you do is unscrew the bottom, take out the little dip stick for a vent and drain. I did change the AIR filter on mine. Helped out a lot.


no oil filter, change it about once a month, i used castrol 10w-40 motorcycle oil

sorry to bring up an old thread but how much oil should I put in this bike? I plan on doing this tonight or tomorrow so any help would be greatful.

Here is the answer Red3171 gave to someone else with the same question on oil quantity.

(For USA and CDN)

At –10 °C (10 °F) or higher

- Yamalube 4 (10W-30) or SAE 10W-30 type SE motor oil

At 5 °C (40 °F) or higher

- Yamalube 4 (20W-40) or SAE 20W-40 type SE motor oil

(Except for USA and CDN) API “SE” or higher grade

i change mine every other hard ride

I change the oil my 150 every time it gets dirty. you put about 1.1qts in the bike.

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