Saturday Moab pictures

Some pictures from our Saturday Moab ride can be seen at:

These are the thumbnails. The actual pictures are pretty large (200k) so be warned if your on a 28.8 modem.


How come the white bike is always on its side :)

Could be one of three things.....

1. The riders baggy freestyle pants :D

2. The bike? Every body blames the bike when things go bad.... :)

3. The rider.... Could be trying too hard :D


PS I am very jealous and would be happy to drop the bike a few times just to be there... :D

All right guys. Don't dis the white bikes too much! Those bikes (or the guys on them) were doing all the hair brained, crazy, nadsy, gutsy stuff while the WR's were dismounted with the riders taking pictures.

That's hilarious that you noticed that though! I'm dying here!



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