460X 18 .........metric size please

What would a 460 be in metric, is that like a 120 or something ? How much bigger is the next size, like a 130 I guess, would that be about 3/8 wider or what?

I want to oder these tires http://www.klr650.com/MEFO%20Sport%20Tires.htm and want to know before I call.

I might add those are supposed to be one of the longest wearing tires out there :thumbsup:


YES, they have 18's, just don't list them on the site.

Is there some sort of conversion chart for tires?

Yes a 4.60 would be like a 120/80 or 120/90, good luck with the tires:ride:

WOW, that was the quickest reply I ever got on TT, thanks Buddy! :thumbsup:

You can get google to do conversions for you-

type in

4.60 inches in mm

and you get an answer!

It'll be cool to see one of those critters in the flesh, if I ever head south, or if you head north again.


Thanks Dave, I'll give it a try.

Here is a real good shot of the Mefo ............

Expensive, but then if I get double the milage of most, they really are the same cost or cheaper then most.

Thank God I have a 18" rear because the 17's sell out right away, they had no 17's a month ago and none now.


how much and where?

how much and where?

:lol::busted: Wake up Martin :bonk:

Links are in my 1st post. Tires come from Germany I believe, HEY, would be a great set fot you I bet ! :thumbsup:

Pages and pages about them in 2nd link.

ya im not with it today! thinking about my softball tourney i gotta drive 3 hrs. for after work!:crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

ya im not with it today! thinking about my softball tourney i gotta drive 3 hrs. for after work!:crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

Quite alright, everybody does it once in a while.

Here are a few more comments + other tires too.


If these guys with the heavier KLR's are getting this good of mileage, I figure I should get at least 7-8000 off of them, hopefully more. Of cousre a lot depends on the terrian you ride on.

" The MEFO MFE 99 Sport Explorer Tires are made in Germany where they are used by Honda Trans Alp riders "

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