jet kits?

Does anyone sell packs of different sized jets for the WR. I don't like the idea of going to my local Yamaha shop ordering a jet waiting a week or two and then having to redo the whole thing again. any help would be appreciated.

Dennis Kirk sells packs of main jets. I got one with 5 jets ranging from 170 to 180.

James Dean sells a jetting guide that MANY have found to be invaluable ($20).

James used to be our jetting guy on this website, and has helped HUNDREDS of guys from every forum on ThumperTalk.

If I can figure out how to open my copy up (my Excel won't open it), maybe I too can get a better idea where to go w/ jetting.

Many guys have gone to SUDCO or Carb Parts Warehouse to get their jets (needle, main, pilot, main air, and pilot air).

go find "jetting Q's" in the search. you'll get all the part codes there. copy my jetting. get a larger MJ by 10 if you have an open pipe. if you play at 2,000ft plus get the EMN needle instead. this is your jetting kit.

read jetting Q's and ask yourself who else has given you anything like the feed back and done that amount of testing.



will Your jetting be good for a WR timed 426?

I WR timed right now, I plan on going to YZ timing very soon. I'm installing a partial Baja Designs dual sport kit now and figured to change timing since I have all the plastic off. I was also going to install a EKP needle. Where I live is right around 1000 ft. give ot take a couple hundred.

You are right, I have not seen a more helpful group of people in a long while. I do technical work for a living but am new to working on bikes. I will get better at it an hopefully soon will be able to give back a little.

I have a question about the jetting spread sheet, from James Dean. When you're using it how or can you add in variables like timing, different pipes and such.


yes it's good for you as well.


an open pipe or airbox restrictions change the jetting.

cams, comp, cam timing rock the jetting.

if you want to change the ignition timing in your GP racing team i'll come and do it for just the price of the entry tickets, but shall we wait for you to get the team sponsor first.

let's just take one step at a time first shall we.


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