Kevvie, no luck

Tried the Travelocity link you sent. No luck getting flights. I guess Moab is in the middle of nowhere. Tried near by airports and nothing. I may have to fly into Bryan's place and catch a ride with him. I may also consider training the bike(s) up to save the 14 hour drive.

But, on the other hand, the drive could be fun as I have never driven out that way and it may give me the opportunity to take in the sights.

I figure I will hit the road 6:00am Thursday morning and get to Moab by 8:00pm that night.


One other thing. This is big in Europe.

Apparently, you can buy "drugs" over the counter, legal stuff ofcourse, that assists with energy. I read somewhere that "Up-Time" gives you a hell of a boost and helps with adrenalin. This would help with the drive and with the weekend in general.

IS there anything in the US that can be bought, legally, to assist with energy boost? I am sure there is, so if you know of something, let me know.. :)


Yeah, Mitch, COFFEA!

There is also a soda drink called "JOLT" Cola that has twice the caffein and sugar!


When in the US go to a GNC (General Nutrition Center) store and ask for a "thermogenic" supplement. It will have a high dose of Caffiene, Ephedrine and sometimes aspirin. They also make organic types of thermos that use Mau Haung (sp?). This will make Soda or coffee seem like warm milk. Make sure you read the label for warnings.

If you would like I can pick up a bottle for you and send it. It cost about $20-$30 per bottle of 60 capsules.


Thermogenic..... Hmmmm, sounds like a thermal coffee cup... :)

Bill, that would be great. But, you must then forward me your account details to my private email account so that I may reimburse you the cost of the tablets and the shipping.

Have you tried this stuff? Does it work? How many days can you take the supplement before your body breaks down into a wheezing pile of blood and bone? :D


Another product that helps with arm pump is Glucosomine. Most health food stores carry it. It cuts down on muscle fatige.

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