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(5/31/00 – Bedford, PA) Less than eighteen months after unveiling their MX400 motocrosser at the 1999 Dealernews Powersports Expo, bicycle-maker Cannondale (NASDAQ: BIKE) has begun producing and shipping the innovative fuel-injected, four-stroke, electric-start motorcycle. The first units will begin rolling off the production line at Cannondale’s new motorcycle factory here today.

The official debut of the MX400 marks the first time in more than 20 years that a motocross motorcycle has been produced on American soil.

“This is a huge day in our company’s history,” said Cannondale Founder and President Joe Montgomery, “and I think I speak for everyone here when I say I’m feeling equal parts excitement and gratitude. Particularly, we’d like to thank everyone who has kept the faith; our dealers, customers, stockholders, employees and the press. We’re also extremely appreciative of all the assistance we’ve received from our many vendors, and from the state and local agencies here in Pennsylvania. Finally, on a more personal note, I really want to thank everyone here at Cannondale for their tireless work on this amazing project.”

Montgomery noted that, as planned, MX400 production would be modest at first, with Cannondale’s Bedford factory ramping up and increasing its output in the coming months. He also added that, given the strong interest in the MX400, it would be some time before the company had worked through its existing back-log of orders.

Featuring a twin-spar aluminum frame, the MX400 is powered by Cannondale’s innovative four-stroke, fuel-injected, 432cc engine with electric-start. The MX400 has generated considerable interest throughout the motorcycle industry, and was named “Bike Of The Year” by Dirt Rider magazine after last year’s Dealernews Powersports Expo in Indianapolis.

“The all-new four-stroke is revolutionary in many ways: from its reversed cylinder head design to the fuel-injected intake tract,” said Dirt Rider magazine in selecting the MX400 as Bike of the Year. “Simply put, the MX400 looks more like a high-dollar project from a secret division of a major automobile manufacturer than a first attempt from a leader in the pedal power industry.”

Cannondale has continued to turn industry heads in recent months with the unveiling of two additional motorcycle models and a four-wheeled ATV. The two new motorcycles, the EX400 enduro and XC400 cross-country, will be based on the MX400’s frame and engine platforms. The FX400 ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) has already been featured on the cover of three magazines, and will also incorporate MX400 engine technology. Production of the ATV is scheduled to begin this fall, with the XC400 and EX400 to follow early next year.

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It's about f-ing time!! Cannot wait for the test reports.




Could be nice.....

Problem is it going to be like the KTM RFS bikes....You'll have to be an "insider" to get one :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

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