radiator hose

DOes anyone know where I can get that bright blue radiator hose thats sooooo cool? :ride: :ride: :ride:

ive been looking for these to but everythings for the 450s and 250s four stokes, or do these fit the 426/400s

I have a yz400 that needs new radiator hoses

Would the 450 hose kit work on my 99 yz400???

Patrick M.

I would contact CV4 and ask as I'm sure the answer. I use CV4 as they sponsor my race team. They have created some one off's for me (for custom bikes and custom colors) and therefore may easily have the abilty to cut a hose to the right length for your older model bikes. For example, I sent them my stock hose from a Service Honda CR500AF as it used the CR125 radiator and the CR500 motor and they turned around a set of red ones and returned the stock hoses within a couple weeks two winters ago. Good luck!

CV4, Inc.

42 High Tech Boulevard

Thomasville, NC 27263

Phone 800.874.1223


Fax 336.472.6641

Products, Services and General Information


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