hows my 02 yz426 rate on scale of 1-10?

new plastics, custom graphix, powdercoated rims just got her done what you guys think??neeewwwbiikkkeee001.jpg

Looks good man! Now lets see some pics/vids of you riding that beast.

That's about a 7.5 Looks Good! Better than my 426

:applause::thumbsup: looks sweet for a 426, ill go with 7.5 also :worthy:

id only ever give a 10 to a stock 426 that has been sitting and is in perfect condition

I agree with the other guys. 7.5.

If the tank were natural color, I would give it a 8 or 8.5.

8, lots of time and care taken.

7 good job brining that dinosaur back.

6.5 here.


Looks like the Greatest American Hero theme bike.:usa:

6, it looks dirty, and the custom graphics arnt doing it for me, but hey its your bike:ride:

im not into the yamis but i gotta say man thats a pretty slick bike i give it 6.

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