What did you do to your WR today?

I installed a skid plate I got from TT today.:applause:




Congrats! Looks "READY"...how much does it weigh?

No new parts for me :cry:

Got my headpipe back from getting a crack re-welded though, been using stock system so it will be like getting a new pipe again! :applause:

Just finished putting the 3.1 IMS tank on.:ride: Pictures to follow when the graphics get insalled on the shrouds.

Well it wasn't this weekend but I recently added the following to my 2007 WR450:

- 3.1 Gal. IMS tank

- YZ radiator shrouds (no graphics for them yet though)

- Gold Unabiker radiator guards (absolutely awesome!)

- F*Word Industries flag mount (great mount)

- Cycra Probend hand guards (very strong)

- Aluminum clutch cover cover

- DNA Extreme black wheel and polished hub with paddle tire

- Disconnected the TPS sensor until I can get my new muffler and bike jetted properly

- All free mods except disconnecting the gray wire - the dealer said disconnecting the gray wire is a hoax and not recommended so they wouldn't do it.


I just looked (drooled) over it today

Next month I'm gonna

Install PMB insert

Install JD jetting

Install adjustable fuel screw

Remove AIS

Install skidplate

I went out riding got'er all muddy..! :ride:

i prepped my wr for baja this weekend! :ride: an added tusk wide pegs and new fatbars

I looked at mine while I was backing the car out to come to work!:thumbsdn:

stared at it lovingly and made brrrrrrrrpppp noises all the way to my car this

morning.brrrrrrrp HAPPY FRIDAY!:ride:

I just looked at mine and felt sad. Its all beat up from a crash last week and I cant even fix her up because I also broke my hand in the same crash. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.:ride:

Topped off with gas this morning for a weekend ride.

I bought it a bastard step child...


It's a '71 CT70HKO Honda Trail 70. The pic is what mine is supposed to look like, but the one I got is a little rougher. It runs, but needs some parts replaced or repaired. I'd give it a strong 75%. Now I have my winter project...SC

I washed, gased, and lubed it to prepare for a ride tomorrow. Sick part is I'm loaning it out and I'll be riding an XR650.

I rode wheelie's around the unfinished housing plots in the development until the jack@$$ that sold me my POS house got his fat butt in his x-cop :busted: car and came down from the model to bust me... :naughty:

I waited till he got all the way there before taking off and leaving him in the dust. :ride:

I just loaded my bike in the truck to head down to baja have a good weekend ya'll :ride:


I fitted triple clamp handguard mounts to try & free up some handlebar space. With all the other crap I have on like GPS mount, mirror, Vortex switch etc it is getting real busy. :-) So much to buy so little money, where do you stop........

Clark that is a killer Honda Trail 70! The first bile I learned to ride when I was a young one was my uncles Honda Trail 90. His next bike was a Kawasaki TR100; which I bought. That was a high/low transmission 5 speed (x2 for 10). Anyway....

I rode the "sh*t" out of my 07 WR450 this evening in the hills and mountains. The 07 WR450 is simply AWESOME!!!

My neighbor has a red trail 70 , but the pipe isn't as cool, is it stock?

My WR is sad, gots to work all weekend and leave the bike in the garage.

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