What did you do to your WR today?

What a weekend...


Guts Racing tall soft seat foam and comp. cover

FC .50 fork springs

New fork seals and dust covers

13T JT front sprocket

FC 6.0 shock spring

YZ style rear fender

New spark plug

New fuel line

Greased linkage needle bearings

Serviced air filter

I'm ready to go try this new stuff out!




-YZ ti footpegs

-New and improved custom peg brackets that move pegs back 1-1/2" and down 5/8" to be tall guy friendly. (Yes really that far back)

-Custom shifter to accommodate new peg position

-Shortened rear master cylinder rod to accommodate new peg position

-4 Small #10 eyebolts in rear fender (backed by stainless nylock nuts and washers) to hold tube pack/tools using mini bungees

-Modified kickstand with repaired spring anchor point

Today I will be installing new handguards and replacing a radiator hose. Lent the bike (yes, big red flag) to a supposed experienced rider who is a friend of my brother. His ride on silt-covered dryslick (where I voiced NOT to go riding cuz the conditions are like riding on the moon) evidently had many slow-speed tipovers. Right radiator folded back a bit and the clamp cut into the hose. The left handguard plastic is all but gone save for a sharp pointy shard of thick plastic. Getting a bike returned with damage to both sides is pretty sweet. NOT.

Replacements take place after THEY buy the new parts and drop them off with a six pack of my favorite frosty beverage.

re-routing the carb breathers so I don't kill the engine next water crossing

installed Tubliss system and new MT43 tires front and rear

.... all ready for my DOT inspection on Wednesday so I can get her plated!

Edited by RockyMtnScotsman

- fixed the overly-tight steering stem (some people....)

- pulled the carb apart to install the R&D apump detent spring upgrade

Shorai battery and Revloc dyna ring clutch and it is 100% better.....................

I removed the ugly graphics with a heat gun.

I also removed the chain, cleaned it, reinstalled it, then lubed it.

installed protaper pillow top grips and a new dunlop d606 rear tire.

Pulled the shock, tilted out the carb (still connected) and replaced the Accelerator pump Detent spring (R&D racing) to fix the WOT bog issues.

replaced my leaking carb (FCR MX-39) body with a different one due to a leaking float valve/o-ring.

Shorai battery

I got to hold one of those for the first time a few days ago - holy crap what a difference in weight!

Almost have the bike back together. Tore the rear chain guide off at the Jackpot 250 and had it welded back on. Greased everything before putting the swingarm back on. Then I played blacksmith with the the front excel rim. I heated it up for about 5 min with a heat gun, then pounded out all the dents. It actually worked and looks decent! Now for the front fork seals! The Jackpot race was a rough one.

I went through my carby on 426 for the millionth time in an effort to make it work, no luck:banghead:

that banging head thing is so fitting for this post

Flogged the piss out of it for about 4 hours! :smirk:

Posting it on Craigslist. My daughter needs a car, my wife needs to pay for school, and I need to keep financially afloat.

Posting it on Craigslist. My daughter needs a car, my wife needs to pay for school, and I need to keep financially afloat.

Bummer man.

Kudos to you for making the sacrifice for what's right. Good Karma headed your way.

Third time I've sold for karma, and still haven't been payed.

Well, once wifey is done with nursing school and working, I'm buying one bike for every one I've sold.

If anyone is interested, here it is:


Washed it. Cleaned and oiled the air filter. Later I'm going to change the oil.

Went for my first ride on my new 2008 WR450, (havnt ridden a moto since i was a a kid) love the bike to death! Very mild mannered for a beginner, i was expecting it to be more wild at all rev ranges (i stayed low to mid for a lot of today) which is great, but still gets up and boogies when you twist it (had to back off a couple of times to get the front wheel back down) love it


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