What did you do to your WR today?

I changed it up a bit.


Wow, thats the best looking Wr I have ever seen. Need more information on how you modded the front end to Yz, pictures would be great.

Washed it after a week end of this.........







Ok so I did not wash it yet , but I wanted to post some pics of an awesome weekend with great friends.








and the scenery did not suck at all !!! :thumbsup:



There were a few casualties but a great time was had by all. Can't wait to go back to Elkins Flat/PiPI, CA

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7,820ft.. Two flat tires and 85 miles today. I am tired

85 Miles! Holly crap where do you carry all the extra fuel?

Loaded it on the rack on the back of the van and bought it home after a 110 mile day including lunch at the Tomichi Creek Trading Post. Pictures after I clean up and rejet the old WR.


7,820ft.. Two flat tires and 85 miles today. I am tired

I kinda hate you, just a little bit. jk

you get some seriously nice shots.

I kinda hate you, just a little bit. jk

you get some seriously nice shots.

:blink: thanks

that was with my cell phone :thumbsup:

we each carried gas cans and MSR fuel bottles to get that far.





Trails were not on the map...




Flat front


then the rear went too.. of course I only have one tube and the holes were too big to plug..


riding flat 35+mi back to camp


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two flat tires at the top of 6,820ft Klone Peak on the way back


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Went for a spin before it got too hot and humid. Mates son had a decent crash on his XR80. Not hurt but gave him a big fright. Then I went and bought some replacement bolts for ones I found missing from the WR!


Put my plate on after a long and difficult battle with the BMV!! I've never had so much trouble giving money to the government!

I did my yearly valve check on my 2002 WR426F today. Still in spec after all these years (never needed adjustment since new) and LOTS of miles (over 9,000) since I dualsported the bike 3 years ago. Cam gears and cam lobs still look like new. I change the oil every 500 to 600 miles with 15-40w Rotella T and keep the airfilter clean. What a bike!

what it is.




D739 rear / D908RR front. BEEF.. these things are burly. Nothing even comes close to the 908RR front for toughness. holy buckets!


Washed and pre-flight check complete !

The weekend is not getting here fast enough :rant:


i like the shooting range scenery ! Anyway, I rebuilt my WR and finally got it started yesterday after putting in a yz stator/flywheel/cdi.......going to drop the oil, fix a few little things and take her for a ride.

Sold my 06. I'm kind of sad. I never won any races on it, but I've done some of the best adventure/vacation type rides on it. Lots of memories of pretty places and good friends.

Now it's time to finish setting up the new 09 I have now.

Took my WR/YZ426 for a nice long ride yesterday......runs awesome except batteries don't last very log without my WR stator thats being fixed. I guess it's time to sell the KX500 and buy a back up 4 stroker.

watched glacier peak at sunrise


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