What did you do to your WR today?

Ordered a "EKP" needle from the USA for $10.

Hope it works :)

Here in Australia they are $51 !!!!!!! :/

All jetting is a rip off here.

Makes tuning really difficult.

Just did zibbit's "Oil system upgrade" prior to leaving for Baja. Do a search on this, as it is pure genius, and is a wonderful mod to keep these WR's running forever!!!

Hey Maniac,

more info on that upgrade please.

It is where you basically add an oil jet from the Yamaha quad (YFZ450) into your clutch cover and it squirts oil up and underneath the piston. So oil hits the wrist pin bearing, and then falls down into the crank lubricating the crank connecting rod bearings. In my eyes, this is a must do!

Went to my local spot this weekend and didnt even make it 2 miles..........


Started back firing when on the gas, and then would only idle, limped it back , pulled the plug.


what the crap !!! I figure the missfiring caused the lean look of the plug, cleaned it up a bit and put it back in.

Started right up and ran great ......for about 300ft.... then POP POP POP !!!!! and it died and wouldn't refire at all.

Back at home I tested the spark and it seemed very erratic so it was time to whip out the manual and multimeter.

Everything was fine except the primary side of the coil pack which read .30 ohms and it should read .08 to .10 ohms.

Coughed up $114 to my local stealership and it might be here by thanksgiving :(

I hope thats the actual issue

So glad this didnt happen at the places I normally go. It would have sucked bad had I been 20+ miles away from the truck.

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bummer. I had problems too..

went to check my valves.. accidentally cut the big rubber gasket on the valve cover.. such a tight fit to get it out!

valves are (way) out of speck, so need to go to stealership to get shims and order a gasket. ugh.

Think I'll get a hotcam while I'm waiting.

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It is where you basically add an oil jet from the Yamaha quad (YFZ450) into your clutch cover and it squirts oil up and underneath the piston. So oil hits the wrist pin bearing, and then falls down into the crank lubricating the crank connecting rod bearings. In my eyes, this is a must do!

pics and more info pls

pics and more info pls

I thought 07-up already had oil squirt on the wristpin?

Keyed ignition!


this: $15 off ebay. It will help keep the "honest people honest" if you know what I mean. Good for the times when I don't have my disc brake lock on me


It has 4 wires.. green and black w/ white strip are not used.

The other two are used with the brown and solid pink wire.



Zip tied to the speedo box mount. nice and snug


switched on


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Got my new coil and it gives a way better spark and then I found out why...........


This is the connector on my old coil. The pin on the left is corroded away at the back. !?!?

Also got around to a couple long overdue tasks,

Extracted 2 broken bolts that the PO left frozen in the frame that hold my left radiator on .

Dispite all the red loctie that went shockingly well, usually for me it gets pretty ugly.

And finally installed the TT AIS removal kit. I am really sick of the decel poping .

I yelled at it..... it went sumpthin like this


Sometimes I find myself sayin it a work , BRAAAAAAAPP!!!!!

Some people look at ya funny , but some people know just what your saying......

I need to get out and ride...

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I upgraded my wr450 last weekend...it was way too clean after being rebuilt...


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I bought my first dirt bike in 19 yrs - a super nice 2007 WR450 with a few go fast goodies. My previous bike, that I sold back in Oct of 1993, was a Yamaha XT350. I cannot believe how hard this WR pulls - so far Ive been trying to figure out what all has been done to it, as the previous owner didnt seem to know much; he said he bought it 2 yrs ago just like you see it. This is what I know has been done through my reading on here, looking through the TT store and then inspecting the bike: moose radiator supports; FMF megabomb Ti header; LEXX MX slip on; AIS removal kit; grey wire cut; TwinAir airfilter; Ready Racing oil filter cover; Race Tech rear spring SRSP 6228 5.8kg ; Race Tech Front springs; Alum chain case guard; moose chain guide; MSR hand guards & deflectors; aluminum skid plate

I traded a 2000 Polaris Xplorer with winch and plow for it - I think I came out ok. :)

Is there anyway to tell if any carb work has been done to it, without tearing the card down?


Waaay more fun than than a Polaris!Have fun on your new bike!!


Dropped the front wheel off at the local shop ( Motowrx, Livermore CA ) for a front wheel truing,

and a desperatly needed 100/90/21 mx 51 front tire that the wife hopfully won't notice.... :devil: :devil: .

What kind of dick buys himself a new front tire before X-mas???? ........This guy !!!!

That"s actully showing restraint, I need/want new chain & sprockets, numbers plates & decals (need my numbers on it ----619d)

1/2 in offset pegs, black excel rims, rad guards, YZF rear fender and/or a Rekluse............ just in-case santa is listening......

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retard your ex cam whilebyour at it




Bad Ass shots n16ht5!! Looks like a beautiful part of Washington... which mine is that?

Also, what year is the bike next to your WR?

thanks.. it's a mine near Darrington, WA.. not sure of the name. We had to cut quite a few trees off the trail to get there.

2001 XT225

couple more





retard your ex cam whilebyour at it

I will but I kinda feel like I should fix the jetting issue I have first. Which is a just barly open throttle cut out that ,

thanks to Krannie I beleive is a pilot circut adjustment issue. Once its running perfect I am retarding the

exhaust cam.

What tip are you running on the Lexx slip on ?

I thought the " quet tip " one it came with was good

and then I took it out and used the "race tip"it also came with

and the power increase is hard to give up. Its just loud as hell

but sounds badass though.

Thinkin about trying the 2 other tips that RMATVMC sells for it.

Also what what jetting changes did you have to make when retarding the ex cam ?

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what is your jetting?? Krannie is a pretty resourceful dude. I havent rejetted yet.. plug still lookspretty good.. might bump the main up to a 168. I use the stock Lexx tip.. I tied the others they sold, found the stock quiet one is the best all around. power isnt worth the noise

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