What did you do to your WR today?

Have been installing a dual sport kit but seem to be at a stand still..cant get the outside cover off to get to the stater so it can be modified for street. What am I missing here?

Did you get the cover off of the starter clutch yet ?

That has to come off then, take out the starter clutch and the last bolt is under there.

Then you might have to carefully pry between the starter and the stator cover .

Once the whole thing is off you will have to remove the P/U coil and the allen head

bolts that hold that in are not fun, I suggest heat to break loose the thread locker installed

at the factory. I stripped both bolts and had to drill them out.


Edit : I read your other posts, It is probably just hung up on the starter.

Assuming all the bolts are out use a big flat blade screwdriver to pry it apart.

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I picked up me 2008 Wrf450 about a month and a half ago. It is in good shape, has all the standard mods done plus FMFPipe. Revalved suspension, trail tech springs front and rear. And some other ergonomic / control stuff...

My focus since i got it has been wiring to get it plated, and also a little identity change...

I installed a DRC wire kit with some mods. Overall, not too excited about the wire kit. I made a bunch of changes. But it's in. Then got the lights signed off and went to DMV and got my plates.

I also swapped in new white plastics and red graphics and seat. Went retro 80's. Was going to put yellow on, but ended up choosing this route. One of my favorite bikes as a kid was my 1986 YZ125.

Anyway, stoked to have the bike plated for neighborhood market runs, and connecting the trails. And I like the red and white more than the blue. We have other yamahas, including a 2007 TTR 125, so I feel like I fulfilled my blue bike obligations :).




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Gave mine some fresh oil prior to the long weekend. Can't wait. The WR has been a bit neglected lately. Mostly riding the Super Tenere.

Fitted a 4 piston caliper and 320mm disk


I put some scratches on it :thumbsup:







Took her out camping.














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^^^^ WOW ^^^ very nice.

Brought it home Sunday, been in the bottom of the carb trying to get the hanging idle ironed out ever since. I can't wait for this weekend.


Installed carbon fiber brake lines:











Brought it home Sunday, been in the bottom of the carb trying to get the hanging idle ironed out ever since. I can't wait for this weekend.


New fuel line, new carb vent hoses, throttle stop mod, new pilot (#48), o-ring mod.

She's running like a top.

Washed it, new rear brake pads and a bleed, earl & filter change and got everything loaded :cheers: for a half day

ride tomorrow, and broke the news to the wife about next weekend's 3 day ride in the mountains.


went out and tinkered for a while with the mirrors and made braap braap sounds.

with the mirrors mounted on the bars I can see underneath my arms now without any road shake. Works really really well, and I don't have to move mirrors everytime I hit trails. cheap convex on the left, regular plastic motorcycle mirror on the right with the base cut off and zip tied on so I can see distance behind me.


a cheap convex mirror with zip ties to hold it onto bars.


Braap braap papa


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Gave her a tune up this weekend. New oil & filter. Air filter and plug.

&%$#@! is up with changing the plug on this bike?? Took almost an hour! Remove seat and tank. Okay, quick. 15-20 minutes getting the plug cap off. Thinking the whole time- this is way too hard, what am I about to break? Rechecking manual and Youtube. My plug wrench doesn't keep a grip on the plug so it dropped back into the mine shaft... Then waisted time fishing out the plug with needle nose pliers.



got it all freshened up for this weekend. changed oil, greased all the electrical plugs, finished my saw mount, and took my daughter for a spin around the yard




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got it all freshened up for this weekend. changed oil, greased all the electrical plugs, finished my saw mount, and took my daughter for a spin around the yard


The spirit of that pic is straight out of the 1970's. Love it :) My dad used to bungee cord me to himself and the tank, and take me riding. The good 'ole days.



Raised the forks in te triple clamps by 5 mm to make it 10mm. It handles a lot differently in the woods, I think I like it. :thumbsup: Handles worse at my friend's track , which is more open. I also ordered RC mini bars for my woods setup and a 16T front sprocket for the supermoto setup. we'll see how it goes! :ride:


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I pulled the trigger on a 5ah Turn Tech Battery . I am hoping it does me better than last battery, granted I am sure

its my fault it died. I over worked my "gel" battery when I was having multiple motor issues with constant restarts that

and ended up killing the starter and the "BATRE" in the process.

YUP ! I like to learn shit the hard way sometimes.

So now that it will Estart again, that leaves one issue left that HAS to be upgraded ( besides a Rekluse w/LHRB) :devil: .

This front fork is killing me , its great in slow tech or high speed fire roads, feels ok in whoops,

but those little 3-4 high foot jumps/water breaks are bottoming a little more than "hard" & it's already sprung for my

Clydesdale ass!

I have to at least try a revalve before I start buying a YZ fork setup....

Ok I am done bitchin...... I put almost 50 miles on it before lunch , ran great , adjusted the

fuel screw abit and the front wheel just pops up in the air anytime you ask it to . Color me happy !


Lunch was supposed to be bacon wrapped hotlinks but we forgot the skewers to wrap said bacon, so ...


After lunch ended up being non-WR related . We had one of these with plenty of petrol



a few.... :cheers: , maps, GPS, a few more... :cheers: , google earth, a lot more of these :cheers:

and ended up finding this


then this.....


then one more of these...


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Oh I ain't done yet....... a few more :cheers:

then .....





then came the one that almost killed my fat ass , the climb out of this one and back to the jeep a

that is about 1000 vertical ft .....I almost never exaggerate...and only barely this time........




I am the guy on the right in the pic below.


Best weekend I have had in years >

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Washed mine and rode it around the yard, can't wait for my supermoto wheels in a couple days. :)


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