What did you do to your WR today?


You're gonna love that brake set up. Awesome value and makes a huge difference in stopping the WR beast.

i Picked mine up!!!! WOOOOO20141230_093347_zps587736de.jpg

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18 degrees, but I power washed the dirty beast. Put her back in the garage with a heater and a blanket to melt the ice. Lol. Time to stud the tires and get ready for some ice riding!

It took some fooling around but it's pretty near perfect.

FMF exhaust, port matched heads, hot cams, all the free stuff and smoked my buddies.


hello 8 years later, I tried hot cams on my 05 wr250 and it was determined that the springs kept the electric starter from firing the engine. Did you have that problem?

Picked up this one ridiculously cheap. Has an issue running in low revs and sometimes electric starter slips a little. The speedo is in KMs :p





Tried a hillclimb.......a few times :facepalm:

And then on to some single track fun. Oh, to live in sunny Southern California ;)

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1420216688.598180.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1420216703.433328.jpg

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Enjoyed the AZ sun. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1420329148.499090.jpg

Installed forks after having them revalved, re sprung, rebuilt. Installed BRP SUB mount upper triple clamp and new contour bars.

Added a Boyesen Supercooler water pump cover and impeller on the weekend.   Hard to say if it changed anything, because most of our riding was higher speed, but it certainly looks like it would move a lot more water just by virtue of the difference in the size of the blades on the impeller.


How did the Supercooler work out?  I'm looking for solutions to my Wr 450 overheating that don't involve jerry-rigging a computer fan to the radiator.

IMG_0964.JPGIMG_0970.JPGIMG_0974.JPGRode it to the top of the world!!


How did the Supercooler work out?  I'm looking for solutions to my Wr 450 overheating that don't involve jerry-rigging a computer fan to the radiator.


I've had one slight boil over since I installed it.  Not sure anything other than a fan would have helped though I was stuck on a steep grade on some large rocks.  I was basically just spinning my rear tire and not going anywhere.


I think it probably helps, but it's not going to eliminate the issue in certain situations.

sold it.  goodbye heavy pig.

Used plasti dip on my front fairing and rear fender. And added my license plate mount. Total investment under $15 next will be my sicass racing rear break light switch that plugs right into the factory harness ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1421396504.214086.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1421396526.974474.jpg

New DID Gold Xring chain, grey wire mod, airbox mod and tomorrow I will shorten throttle stop bolt.

This weekend. I put in a new kenda Parker dt 772 so far I love it and it's dot.

Enjoyed 48 degrees and perfect condtions out west on it, winter has decided not to come this year.

Upgraded to 08 YZ450 front master cyl. and caliper. Seems a bit lighter and more brake feel. Brakes_zps23e81aec.jpg

went for a ride this afternoon, found some snow, also rode it a little harder now that im getting comfortable in the saddle.. hurt my back though, tipped over up top of a hill climb and rolled down into a tree.. didnt stop me though, ready to get back out there


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1422417608.660067.jpg

Looked at it , yep. Still there

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