What did you do to your WR today?

Oil 'n filter changed, fresh air cleaner chain oiled going to be riding south of Bahia de los Angeles Baja California coming wendsday.

Nice oil draining 'caddy'.

Source ?

walmart :)

Had a race last Saturday. Bike ran phenomenal. Did a good tune up this time lol

Installed new 52 tooth rear and 14 tooth front sprocket. New chain, got the front and real wheels back on. Next on the list is rebuilding the front brake caliper.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1445178896.943683.jpgheading out for a week of ridding.

Oil 'n filter changed, fresh air cleaner chain oiled going to be riding south of Bahia de los Angeles Baja California coming wendsday.

report. Left Bahia de Los Angeles as soon as I hit the dirt going south my handle bars started to move side to side when hiting rocks so I stoped and added two clics softer on my front comp dumping lost my paper license plate (copy) rear tire started to hit it so I went hard on the compression , all was good after that spent night camping in San Francisquito next day after a good cactus breakfast went on to el Arco then south to Viscaino loaded bikes on truck and went to lunch at San Ignacio nice mission.

Installed the coolant overlow tube on my new rads. Last of my parts should get here today.

Oil changed and added a high flow air filter cage. Replaced the LED rear turn singles and relocated them closer to the seat on the rear fender away from the hot exhaust. 

Got the bike back together, now just gotta fill it with coolant, jet the carb, gas it up and change the oil.


Graphics kit is on the list as well to make it feel pretty.

Replaced brake pads, front and rear. Having my paddle tire swapped on for some dune riding this week! 

Washed it because you can't put new parts on a dirty bike .


Noticed my rear rotor was warped when unloading it this last weekend :( .

Ordered up new pads and a Tusk rear rotor .


























AND a LHRB setup  :D  :applause:  .


Did the skateboard wheel axle slider job. Took all of an hour and cost me $22 total

I installed a new drd ns-4 slip-on exhaust. I did also install a quiet core insert. Without it the exhaust seemed a bit loud. Its a nice looking exhaut, with a decent fit.




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Did the skateboard wheel axle slider job. Took all of an hour and cost me $22 total

SM style? What did you use through the axles?

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Mounted Michelin 2ct's on my SM wheels.

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Ordered the wrong decals and had to stretch them with a heatgun, but i´m Ok with it for now, they only cost 30 bucks.


But then there was some high coast riding the rest of the atumn  day






Hello from Sweden!

New 2015 WR450F:


Added Slip-on FMF Silencer, Dynojet Power Commander and opened up air-box.  A FMF Mega Bomb Header arriving next week. 


Anyone have any true and tested Power Commander maps for a Uncorked WR?  I'm comparing some of the off the shelf existing maps for WR's provided by DynoJet and some for the YZ450F.  YZ's seem to be opposite the WR's in the higher fuel mixtures,  YZ's tend to be leaner from stock, while the WR's tended to be richer at the same throttle positions and RPM's.


I'll post more about this in another area:  Just showing off the new bike for now!  First ride with the MODS this Saturday at Ocotillo Wells in CA.


IMG_1950 (1).JPG


Installed a new rear rotor/pads and LHRB .






Also yanked the blue/white wire at the CDI to get the motor to start faster .

Tired of being dead last off of the starting line at Hare Scrambles .

Put my wheel and brake kit on today. Every bike I've had with a 320mm rotor and 17" is such a pita to put on, only way I can ever get them on, even on my DRZ is to mount the wheel while leaving the rotor un-bolted hanging, then mount the caliper and slide the rotor in and bolt it up.. Bleh. Now I just need to get a smaller rear steel sprocket so I can put the rear wheel on.


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