What did you do to your WR today?

I installed a high/off/low headlight switch on my 2014

Why did you do that?

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1449329859.397829.jpg

Rode it... In michigan on December 5th, hell yah

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Why did you do that?

So when I'm playing hide and seek with the guys in the green trucks I can turn it off!!

Last weekend - adjusted valves, put 1,8 bar radiator cap, mounted used cycra handguars from ebay and had a training with a little urban enduro) greetings from Ukraine


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Took off the enduro parts and put the standard kit back on and corked it up :(. Recently imported it and have a stupid import inspection Wednesday. Bike has to be bone stock as it is illegal to modify vehicles in this country. On a bonus though it will enable me to road register it (plate it, USA speak?) then I can mod it to hell again :)0

Took the snorkel off, removed the screen out of the fmf (although I doubt it flows any different) Re-calibrated the stock speedo for 17" 120/70/17, and installed my axle sliders.

57 miles and a few hundred more scratches .
















Installed Baja designs dual sport kit, Baja designs XL pro headlight, rear SS line, shorai lithium battery, megabomb header.

Just need to drill a couple holes to mount the license plate and go ride.

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I put my plated one on CL. : (

Tore down the bike to re-jet, pain in the ass to work on modern bikes. But now it's done and I've got the chance to serve everything, change some hoses and clean everything.


Cleaned and oiled the air filter and put a new FMF Q4 muffler on it.

just watched a video of the (my) new yellow WR.................... :goofy:

just watched a video of the (my) new yellow WR.................... :goofy:

Link please?


Or is this it?


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I haven't done much to it lately, just been riding it.



2015-12-29 12.02.49.jpg

2015-11-12 10.13.39.jpg

I installed a high/off/low headlight switch on my 2014

It's good to be able to shut everything down if you need to. Save your battery or become invisible at night.

Difficult to start

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Of course we got a normal winter this year after 3 years of drought on the year that my wife purchased a beautiful 06 for me. So until the snow leaves...I will just look at it and dream of dirt. (I did sneak it out of the neighborhood and on to dry pavement. ...what a thrill)

Forgot to attach a pic of the new bike.


Forgot to attach a pic of the new bike.


That bike looks brand new. Well done.

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