What did you do to your WR today?

KYB SSS rebuild with .46 springs and swap.






Seat Concepts low comfort foam and cover, Tugger strap.




Dirt Bike Gear rear fender bag.




Tusk front fender tube bag.




License plate.





had a quick lock at the new timber trail roads.


I have a problem, a quick twist of the throttle and the engine dies for a short while.


I have JD jetting kit, i have opened up the exhaust and airbox. It was fine this winter, but now when its warmer meaby i need to turn in the fuel screw?

Its about 1½ twist out.


I put in the recommended jetting kit.


im also thinking of getting a full YZ exhaust, is it loud? Is it worth it?

I installed an IMS fuel tank with 2006 WR petcock on my 2007. It fit great until I tried to put the seat back on and the bolt holes didn't line up.

I was under the impression that steel and aluminum frame tanks are significantly different, and not easy to swap. Then again, 400/426 can swap on 450 plastics if they make some adapters so it may be possible.

Maybe it's just the petcock that's from a 2006 bike and not the tank.

I don't think the petcock bolts to anything other than the tank so I'm not sure how it would make anything else not line up.

07-11 IMS tank, 06 Yamaha petcock points the outlet toward the carb

I don't understand what that has to do with bolt holes.

Plumbed the petcock, bled the brakes, took some pics.





I installed a 2 inch frogskinz on my airbox for better breathing. I run these on my

Snowmobiles to get engine heat out of the cowel to save belts. Amazing product, no moisture allowed through but air is

Just bought a wr426 a few weeks ago. Already i got sick of the paint wear and chipping from boots on the frame of the bike. So "rhino lined"

the parts that were getting the most contact with boots. I did this with a roll of tape i found on amazon originally to put on steps getting into cars. It is the texture of truck bed liner. after applying it i heated it up to make sure it was on there good and it has held up to my pressure washer perfectly since. i also like the black color it adds to the bike





Tracked down its water leak to the pump weep hole. Tore it apart and found the problem.







Worn shaft and a completely trashed seal. Pulled the seals and bearing and ordered new parts.



New head gasket, powdercoated both sidecases while the engine was out.



Looks a little rich so we're dialing back the jetting a bit. 



Hoping to have it finished and go riding this weekend!!


Hey, I have that same license plate!!



License plate.



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Nothing.....never say die.......carnt seem to kill it

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Installed new shoes Michelin AC-10's. (I needed the DOT rating)ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461933891.153398.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461933906.620667.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1461933915.206575.jpg

Took it for a little shakedown ride after all the recent changes. No problems, but it does pop a lot on deceleration, despite the lack of AIS.

I will keep you updated on how they perform and wear. I do 90% off-road riding so hopefully they hold up for a while

Did a little practice until I got too wet and cold, then cleaned it up and did all new graphics and jewelry.



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I had to decide that my new WR purchase has been postponed by one year.... :thumbsdn::(:rant:

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