What did you do to your WR today?

Did a little practice until I got too wet and cold, then cleaned it up and did all new graphics and jewelry.



How about before and after.

How about before and after.


I always forget to take pictures when the bike is dirty...but here it was before, kinda naked looking.





This bike has been a project.  I bought it pretty cheap needing lots of work but it is running great now and is a blast to ride.


What Ive done:

Replace poorly installed base gasket that was leaking antifreeze into the oil

Fluidyne Radiators

Tusk Rear Brake lever

Hammerhead designs rear brake spring setup

Rebuild rear caliper

Rebuild front Master Cyl

Rebuild front caliper

CR style brake line

Replace fork seals & bearings & add seal savers

New Tires

FMF Powerbomb header

FMF Powercore exhaust

Axle Blocks

Rebuilt carb & JD Jet kit

Renthal Oring chain & Sprockets



Before I bought it the top end was rebuilt, wiseco piston, hot cams, valve job etc.

Found that it had two flat tires. Hmmm.

While in Rabbit Valley, I had to change tires and put on my Dunlop GEOMAX AT81.  Very good tire!

Rabbit Valley Dunlop.jpg

I need to update this. As of a month or so ago.....

Did a way over due oil change , that's one fried clutch and the wear in on a new one and the filter didn't show me anything to freak out about .



Got it almost prepped for a good thorough washing but realized I was out of bike wash :facepalm:  

Will wash it tomorrow I guess .





Damn , a little salt water can really do a number on a steel frame quickly .

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Picked up my 08 wr450 over the winter, finally getting to ride it. I live in NW CT. Got it street legal. Put a ricky stator in it, over sized front brake rotor. Rekluse clutch, reklusel left hand rear brake. Powerbowl. Few other upgrades. Thing is a ripper. Love it. Rode the Thomaston dam today



ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1462590812.714495.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1462590848.270777.jpg New grips and seat cover.

IMG_0908.jpg We went sand racing! 


There's been sand racing on the beaches of Jersey (Channel Islands) since the 1920s, only interrupted by the German Occupation of Channel Islands during WWII 


There's youth and adult MX classes, speedway sliders, stock cars and beach buggies racing around an oval temporarily marked out on the beach in between tides (we have some of the world's largest tides at 40ft+) 


The WR450 was pretty capable on the sand, despite the soft suspension. Only mods were a YZ450F 19" rear wheel with a Michelin Sand tyre




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^^ That sounds like an absolutely awesome time! What are the laps like? All on the beach around an island, or some road/trail as well? Very cool.

Did a little pre race check before the local Hare Scramble I signed up for this weekend . 


Forgot about the semi toasted Steering bearing I found a few rides ago , now it's

superfvcked .  Ordered up a new set and a new Vapor Speedo . The Vapor lasted about 5 yrs

and the steering bearing about 2 yrs.





I hate changing the steering bearings with a passion but at least I have a system now ,  EMT to pound the races out and a Dremel to cut off / split the one on the stem .







Do you use heating and cooling to install the new set on the stem? If is that even required? Definitely looks like it was time!

Do you use heating and cooling to install the new set on the stem? If is that even required? Definitely looks like it was time!

I put the stem in the freezer for a while then put the new bearing on and my floor jack handle fits perfectly to pound it on the rest of the way .

Did the usual pre-ride checks (oil, fluids, brakes, chain, etc.) .  Put on some new Kenda Trakmasters II.  Ready for 700 miles of off-road So. Utah riding all next week!   :ride:




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17th out of 25 . I'm happy with that even though I could have had 15th had I not stopped to help

someone .  Some day I might even crack the top ten :excuseme:



It was Super Shitty Sunday,   I did what I always do,  went for a ride.



We are going to try to ride Chadwick for the 1st time between Christmas & New Years and are not set up to camp yet. Does anyone know of a motel close to the trails?



Added EXP Core 3.0 to my 2014

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1464392588.222317.jpg

^^ That sounds like an absolutely awesome time! What are the laps like? All on the beach around an island, or some road/trail as well? Very cool.

The races are very short (usually 5 laps) around a 500m oval. We have a few different beaches we use over the season. We also run a beach cross MX event with twists and turns, and a few small jumps.


We have a pretty busy motorsport calendar- Trials, MotoX, Hillclimbs, Sprints (Solo drag racing), Beach racing, Karting and even a Rally. Not bad for a 9x5 mile island!

Well guys today was the day everything came in. I started with oil didn an oil chang then coolant while the coolant was out I rand the temp sensor for the vapor then the ran the power and then ran the tach and then the speedo, after all that was done I took off the OEM exhaust and slapped on the full fmf and frites her up. After that I decided that I might as well install the warp 9 s that came in the box of goodies and well I finally finished and I still need to button up a few things but today was a good day. I started at 5this morning and just finished 5 mins ago it's now 3:30 pm what a day of mods ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1464903190.004638.jpg

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