What did you do to your WR today?

if you need more info holler

the last pic is what you remove.

the last pic is what you remove.

do you happen to know the part number of one from Yamaha? I find things about ais removal made by them but it doesn't tell me what ATV or dirt bike it is for. Edited by Mr YumYums

Will check literature asp

My wr is 09 and this kit is GYT-5T J93-69-01 fits 07 on carb engines


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Washed it again .


Had some really good rides lately .


Old Crow Hare Scramble .



Installed a Tubliss on the rear .



Eldorado National Forest.




Carnegie .



Stonyford .



Pismo .




Indian Valley Resv.



Willseyville Hare Scramble .



Foresthill .




I put in a Rekluse EXP 3.0 I got gently used for $89. Went in fine and runs great...all I had was the stock springs and it does slip a little rolling on the gas in 4th and 5th. Rekluse springs are ordered.

Added a Walmart seat cushion!



My WR450F Dual Sport


Bought mine and put 34k's on it 2016 model





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Decided I wanted a light weight, custom bike trailer that could load one or two bikes with a bolt on two bike holder up front when required.





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My Cyclops Adventure Sports Equipped WR450F

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Preview of the Cyclops ADV Sports lighting set up.


Trail Tech stator upgrade just a few weeks ago. 

For $$$ reasons I had to put it up for sale on CL :thumbsdn:




It sat there for 4 days with nothing but responses from robo scammers and then a guy offered me $3500 which was only

250 below asking (  I knew that was a little ridiculous price for an about to be a 12yr old bike ) , so I sat on the offer for 24hrs and right

before I went to call the guy and say come on over and get it I got a job offer to start this Monday so ..............




Giving a good once over now and rigging up a temp seal for the fuel inlet to the carb leaking BS so I can go ride with some of my boys at Stonyford on Sat !










I ground back a couple of links on stock chain to install a master link to shorten it up. Too long to come in to adjustment with tensioners, trying this, will probably get new chain sprockets at some stage..

Had a good ride with some TT buddies up at Stonyford last weekend .






I remember bottoming out the front end really hard on a bad landing and this is the end result .




I knew I was overdue for a fork/shock oil change but now it has to be done so I tore it down and drove a hundred miles

to 707 Racing Suspension drop everything off for service as I heard he is the best around and I want better than the usual

local shop I have been going to that does not specialize in suspension.



So I told him I wanted a revalve on the front as it was deflecting really bad and beating the hell out of me smaller bumps .

After he checks the springs I had put in by someone else he suggests going down a size spring in the front and rear . Well crap now

this is now getting way more expensive than I was originally thinking because I also decided to replace all the suspension bearings as well .


Looking at having it back together by next weekend with new springs , seals , bushings , oil and revalving both front and rear plus..........

I still have all new swing arm , linkage , shock , wheel and steering bearings to install but it will ride better than ever ,  again .


Really tired of changing the steering bearing I must be doing something wrong when installing them as

they only seem to last less than a year before they get all notchy feeling .

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What steering bearing are you using? Are you using the correct momentum with overtightning then easing of?

What steering bearing are you using? Are you using the correct momentum with overtightning then easing of?

All Balls brand up till now  , tightening to first torque , release and retighten to torque and then readjust after first ride . Been using

Bel Ray waterproof grease too . 


I already have all the bearings I need for the rest of the bike  which are all Bearing Connection's brand except the shock which I opted for Pivot Works on .

Just ordered the new steering  bearing this morning ( went with Pivot Works on that one too ) .

Have everything I need to put it back together . :applause: 

Wow was not planning on spending that much but it should ride leaps and bounds better in the slow technical stuff which is what I was after  .


Old springs were , 6.4 rear - .54 front but he swapped in 6.6 rear and .50 front with new shim stacks on both sets of Gold Valves as well as

all bushings and seals replaced plus he changed out the linkage and shock bearings for me ....oh yeah that's where all the cash went .


At least he threw in a hat + shirt and extra stickers before I started my 3hr drive home .





Hopefully by Thursday night I will have it 90% finished so Friday night I will only have to set the sag and do an air/oil/filter change to do .

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