What did you do to your WR today?

YZ rear fender, Acerbis tail/brake kit, Hydraulic brake switch, blue rad. hoses, sealsavers, new plastic, FMF pipe............ and a Plate!


havn't posted on here in a while...

saturday i rode 36 laps at the track here in porterville (36 miles) i did 2 sets of 18 laps straight.

today... i'm gonna go buy some Maxxis desert IT's for her and give her a good wash job!

We had some fresh snow, and it was hazy yesterday so it was tough to read the trail and I hit a soft spot. The ski floats the front over but the rear can dig a hole pretty quick.

Here's the live version near the end of this

from yesterdays ride.

If you haven't already you need to post that in the picture/video forum. That's some cool s**t! :confused: Must take hell long to get used to!

I gave her a good cleaning.............

I hurt my wr... :confused:



I hurt my wr... :confused:



nice little bend there...

well today i re-installed my overflow tank on my 99, flushed out the old coolant, cleaned the filter for the first time in over 6 weekend trips, should have changed the oil but didn't (same # of trips as air filter)

on the 07 i thought about putting the new tires on but decided to keep them fresh for the 6 hours of Glen Helen...

Rode some trails

Climbed some hills

Got stuck

Fell over

Climbed some more hills

Hit small jumps

rode through creek

Got accustomed to stand up wheelies

Had a GOOD time.

Today I built this for my WR. Now I need a carpet kit and I can go camping and riding anywhere. :confused:



Gutted my can, finally got my wheels trued and tires spooned on, cut my turndown, fixed my wrong order plate graphics that didn't fit:foul:, re jetted for the can gut, then rode like a banshee:thumbsup:



Flatlander rad guards and new MSR bars.






Well, I sat here and wished i had a WR to work on.

Well, I sat here and wished i had a WR to work on.

ha... nice!

well during the past 3 days i took both of mine to the desert... day before last we rode about 40 miles south of camp and on the way back i went 30 miles past camp to the north and got turned around big time... luckly found a guy with gas and a map.

I just installed a Baja kit to take it on the streets, I couldn't wait to get it plated so I said "fudge it" and headed into the jungle. :excuseme:

I can't wait to bring my little buddy to hometown socal to terrorize the deserts. I guess it'll have to grow up in Hawaii until we go home :confused: ...

Pulled the snorkel out of the airbox and installed a 13T counter sprocket. I like it!

Greased the Axels... rode in around in the yard... Bahh...

Put a 13 tooth front sprocket on, grease the rear wheel, cleaned the chain and changed the oil. All ready for the season! :confused:




I rode it

new 520 o-ring , had to clip fly off riding but the masterlink never came undone . put on a new one . right direction , just flew off i guess .

Took it for a ride up in Arrowhead to celebrate hippy-hop day. :confused:

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