What did you do to your WR today?

Soon you will have to be changing the motor with that attitude :thumbsup:

I burnt my clutch up today. Thankfully it went out completely within 50 feet of my truck.


I went for a ride, thought about changing my oil but it looks clean still, one more ride, then i'll change it........

rode it and dropped it but no harm done.

Baja Designs kit was installed flawlessly:ride:

Gave her a good washing today....

2 weeks ago - Golden Spike Hare Scrambles, Packwood WA, low sided at 70 mph on concrete... It was just off the start, running top 5 in a wave that had 30 or more riders in it... sparks flying, gear getting eaten up, skin removing and waiting to get plowed in the back by another rider doing 70mph:eek: I somehow managed to pop up and slide on a knee pad just as the a$$ of my pants were gone. After the race I managed to get out and measure the marks from where the tire broke loose to where the bike stopped sliding - 240' !!!

Here's my pants -


My scabs have receded nicely and I am now ready to install - New rear axle and nut, new right side foot peg and new right side bark buster... all in all the bike came out pretty much unscathed, I got up and managed to catch my class leaders after two laps but had too much pain in the tail bone to continue... taking this sunday off and just watching my son race:busted:

I set my new handle bars and front tire next to the bike . Now they await my return:applause:

Ha Ha Charles De Mar finally get your Avatar, Better off Dead Classic 80's Flick.

1st ride after Water pump fix, all is well :thumbsup: . Rode with buddy on the Evil pumpkin KTM 450 EXC. WR did pretty well against it :p .

i think i'd of used button-head fasteners. other wise nice skid plate

Got a front flat on a rocky trail yesterday. I'll be reparing that as well as fitting an exhaust and rejetting the bike during the week :thumbsup:

sexy bike!

I almost flipped over the handlebars. I rode over a bank that I always use to before but this time, i noticed (too late) that a front end loader took a beice out of it and it was now almost straight down about 5 feet. It was too late for me to get on the gas so i panicked and let go of the handlebars and leaned back so I woulnd't flip over (figured it would be better just to fall over) and it worked, but at the bottom i leaned ahead and grabbed the bars and drove out of it. I couldn't beleive it, I then stopped and got off the bike to take a breather and my buddy (who just got his own WR yesterday) seen it and said, too bad we never had a video camera of that, it was wicked. I got so lucky. Now I know letting go of the handlebars wasn't the right thing to do, but like i said i got suprised and panicked, and it was too late to come on the gas to get the front end up and jump down over it. Anyhow me and my WR made it out fine so it's another good day :thumbsup:

Put on a N-Style Kit and FMF Ti Powercore plus more, FMF exhaust makes a huge difference and sounds awsome. Very happy with it WR all the way!!!!!!



i finished wiring up a fan. continue fixing my bike after a 50 mph whipe out. and just waiting on parts

200 miles of the stickiest of the ickiest back road supermoto riding this side of the ol' Miss! What a badass platform for a streetworthy motard!

Added a couple of cooling fans



and put on some new sneakers (Maxxis desert IT rear, and Dunlop 952 front...LOVE IT!)

New bars:thumbsup: P7070092.jpg?t=1215455603

'07 WR 450F - New additions

Skid Plate:


Front Bag:


RAM GPS Mount and Hard Wire Kit:


Rear Brake Cylinder Cover:


Pro Moto Billet Rack:


"The Tugger" strap and front fender bag: http://www.thetugger.com


Plastics Painted:


Just a few recent mods to the

Put my CA plate on it a month ago.:thumbsup:

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