What did you do to your WR today?

2001 WR 426. Nothing to it.

cool, gytr here I come :excuseme:

Put on a new Fmf Q4 and took it for a ride.:excuseme:

08 is home safe n sound!

i didnt do this today but a few days ago..got my new dual beam headlight on and my bike back together from a bunch of my stuff getting powdercoated :excuseme:

here is before the headlight


and here is the new headlight




I haven’t tried a 2Moto track yet, but I rode a SnowHawk which has a wide track, and the track tends to want to sit flat to the terrain, so the ground is trying to lean the bike when you’re not. It’s not terrible, but in technical areas it’s like someone is constantly trying to tip you off balance.

We have to roost the track into the trail so when we park you don't come back to find it on it's side and three gallons lighter.:excuseme:

I’m suffering form a pinched nerve which led to suffering from lack-of-seat-time syndrome so my son me and a buddy went on a nice easy 65 mile ride. Some asphalt and then up a fire road and had lunch at Hell’s Kitchen off the 74. Just what the dr. ordered!





I put in a new battery, and bought a battery tender and wired it up so i can just plug in my bike near the lift point by the seat

Put a switch on to turn off lights when not on the street and also put a horn on....I didn't know a horn could suck so much current. Had to wire directly to the battery and use a 10 amp fuse.

put 100 miles on her :excuseme:

Rode Budd's Creek yesterday with my new TM Designworks chain guard. Only eight of us at the track! What a GREAT day. My '07 WR450, or what I call my VR450.


Ok, no chain guide on this side but...just had to post.


Yes, I do ride! I clean it after every ride. And, yes she needs new stickers! :excuseme:

I made a flag mount for Glamis. Getting ready for the dune season! :excuseme:


I made a flag mount for Glamis. Getting ready for the dune season! :lame:


That's a cool setup


Changed my oil and went for a ride, snow in the forcast :lame:

took off headlight


new pipe


I saw that somone had put a cooling fan on their WR. Can't find it now. Anyone know where to find one to put on my 05 WR450? Thanks.


Boyesen super cooler kit and 1.6 Rad cap



ASV levers


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