What did you do to your WR today?

Changed the oil on my bike yesterday.

I just bought the bike and wanted to get rid of the Yamaha blue. Took all the plastic off, replaced some, painted the rest with plastic paint. New back tire, adjusted the throttle cable, raised the seal savers, changed the oil, lubed the chain.


Dreaming about riding it from 6,000 miles away just can't get it to fit in one suitcase and still weight 50lbs or less.:worthy::D

took a pavement sample and destroyed the left side of my bike

Wondering how long the plastic paint will take to start peeling!

changed oil, filter element & rode her in the trail..


short stop in the resort of that trail

Added flatland racing front wheel spacer, removed tail light, and cleaned her. The original plan was to clean the garage...yikes:bonk: ..theres always tomorrow.



sorry about quality, pics are from phone.

Added a DRD full system and promptly wheelied down the street! :D

Went for a ride in the fresh snow in the mountains yesterday :D

Ordered a rear tire, some sprocket bolts, and other goodies from the TT store. :D

I'll be back in commission soon :worthy:

TM designs chain guide and power roller. New Washougal Sticky rear. Ready for the last race of the season this weekend :D




Hi everyone........have not been here in a long time......but finally got the new BLACK rims put on.........had to find a front hub so I could keep my stock rims as spares....looks SWEET......I will post a few pictures tuesday....:D:worthy:

Tuned on the AP and found more power :D

Backordered gears are in!:worthy::ride: :ride: Installed gears on shafts and cleaned up the cases. Tonight, the cases go back together!:D

Tip taken, thanks!

the dealer does not know crap! Trust me disconect the gray wire, just read some of the forums about it. Make sure you do all the other mods and properly jet the bike when doing so.

I ordered a new clutch to replace the one I burned up a while back.


the dealer does not know crap!

It can be frustrating when you learn the hard way :lol:.

bilder3144313321.jpgbilder3144313751.jpg got my wp fork and shock too day one hell of a ride now

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