What did you do to your WR today?

You American Dudes are lucky that you have all that desert to ride in, here in the UK there are no free open spaces for us to use, unless you pay!

That's why most of us turn our WR's into Supermotos so we can ride on the road............. anyone wanna swop Newcastle for California or Nevarda. :excuseme:

By the way my bike got an oil & filter change to day............ & last week I painted the garage for her to sit in!

I installed a skid plate I got from TT today.:applause:




I like that Bash plate man, gonna get one for mine....... they cost £75 over here about $150 US, expensive!

How much is petrol (Gas) in the US?

$2.52 here at the cheapest

$2.52 here at the cheapest

Is that $2.52 per gallon :crazy:

I think it works out at nearly $7 per gallon in the UK :mad:

Put a heavier rear spring on it and new seals w/seal savers on the front. And fixed the jetting mistake I made.

RODE it, like you are suppose to.:p

Is that $2.52 per gallon :crazy:

I think it works out at nearly $7 per gallon in the UK :mad:

Yea, thats per gallon. They said on the radio that it should drop until Christmas. I don't see that happening.

At lunch I looked to make sure it was still in the garage!:cry:

50 miles, mostly hillclimbs :D:banana:

I took her to the sky

well not quite but that's a big jump for a WR


Installed my Frame Guards for my WR today.



Hey Mate,

where did u get ur frame guards from TT store??

cheers mark

Hey Mate,

where did u get ur frame guards from TT store??

cheers mark

Got them from the TT store.

i got my ASV rider support package in!!! installed new "unbreakable" brake and clutch levers... we'll see about that!!! lol

No new parts but, I rode mine to work (it's been tarded) like I do most days but I'm also about to ditch work for 2 hours to enjoy some twisty mountain roads!


Trail Tech Vapor (left factory on too for the race calc program)

TT AIS Removal Kit

Acerbis Uniko Handguards

Removed larger baffle from exhaust

opened the airbox

Working on:

JD Jet Kit

Zip Ty fuel screw

where in CO r u going?

I picked mine up from the shop with new tires and a JD jetting kit

i just put on a moose aluminum sharkfin, ready for a weekend of ripping!!!

I just installed an FMF Speed slip-on. Listen to this, just as I was ready to install it I seen one of those package peanuts in the small end. Checked closely and got about 7-8 more out. Now Im worried so I fired up my leaf blower , hit the big end of the pipe and 7-8 more peanuts blew out. What if I had not seen them, I wonder how much damage that could have been ? Anyway,the pipe fits fine, looks great, sounds cool (not too loud), and hopefully gives a little more power,Ill find out this weekend. Bob

R+D Accelerator cover

Got the suspension done

Bling axel blocks

Hyde Frame guards

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