What did you do to your WR today?

Revalved and changed out seals on my forks. I can't believe the base valves they put in the WR's. I really don't understand why they put that spring on the bottom of the valve.

Ordered it today. thanks to you and bigcoop for the recommendation. Is that a oem fender and what model year is it for? I like the pointed style but I don't know if they can be made to fit a 2001.

Sory for the delayed response. I think its a UFO 2004 yz fender and fits my 2004 WR fine. It has cut outs for the WR coolant overflow. Pretty simple install, just cut out along the lines and bingo!

I got a Utilmat MX Hauler to haul my bike.



I smashed my exhaust header, looped her once, and just rode the tar out of it all day.

Mine's being delivered by the dealer today. :banghead:

What does everyone think about my spark plug? just need some thoughts.

yup, looks like a spark plug to me, your on the right track:thumbsup:

they're like three bucks, i change them basically whenever i have the tank off. WRs are way picky with them.

Mounted up a new 756 on the rear, great tire for the area I ride in. Front looks to be good until I replace the rear again:thumbsup:

a wash


took out fourth gear see above thread :banghead:

I live in Churchill Falls, Labrador, the great white north,.

Here are 2 pics I took Yesterday out on my snowmobile ride (74km in total), as you can see, just like the middle of winter up here still, the bike is in the garage awaiting the snow to melt :cry:



:excuseme::smirk::ride: better u than me

I changed the sprockets.

I thought I was running the stock 14/50's so I changed to 16/48. I ride mine on the street and found the original gearing really limited my highway speeds. Anything over 80 km/hr was torture.

As it turned out the previous gearing was actually 13/50, boy what a difference the 16/48 combination made. I may of overshot a bit.

Got up early, turned down saturday morning sex. Took my favorite lady out for a morning of being thrashed in the dirt, 3 tanks of fuel later and she was well and truly ringed out.

Heheh, I would never turn down Sat. morning sex... :smirk:

Did a bunch of mods today. Installed YZ/WR ASV C5 levers. Note to ASV: It would be uber nice if I didn't have to cut down part of the starter button, hide the clutch switch (not that it's used anymore, but still...), and put the kill switch at a funky angle to make it work... :excuseme: but they work! :ride:

I prepaired mine for surgery, first thing was a good clean up.


Next thing, drain all the fluids. I won't go any further untill I have all the parts for the top end rebuild.


Installed these custom steel handguards that have reduced the handlebar vibrations by 80%. I have mild CTS. Without them, I could not ride the WR. The bar end portion is 3/4" x 2" diam. The handguard portion is 1/4" x 1" flat bar. The foam grips from KTMTwins.com are also new, and the most comfy grips you will ever find, even better than my 737's :excuseme: :



One day this week, I'll pretty them up and paint 'em blue.

Also, I did the free clutch lever mod. It's just like everyone said - a major reduction in clutch pull.


I'm sorry to say, that I sold my WR. Didnt want to. But dealing with out of state registraion and playing ping-pong with CHP and DMV. I'll wait and maybe by a AF WR later. I still have my YZ.

Won a hare scramble in NC, third race on the 09' beast.

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