Where to fly in for Moab?

I am weighing options for getting to Moab. Driving will take about 500 cups of coffea and 3 days straight and a catheter tube routed out the car through the window. That is kind of a sucky deal, especially for the people driving behind me!.

Shirley McClain method may get me there in spirit, but not body. This is fine if I want to peek into the ladies bathroom but not efficient for riding.

Train...yeah train, it's there.


Normally I would call in Vince Neal from Motley Crue to take care of it: Learjet and then Helo' (and those stewardnesses - yummy!!). Vince is off in Europe chasing women and enjoying himself. So I need to check airlines. Where do I fly into that I don't (do I even have an option?) need a puddle jumper?


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.

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Kevvie, let me know how much it will cost to train your bikes down. Also, what is involved in the process. While doing so, could you tell me what it would cost to fly from San Jose to Moab. :)

Thanks champ



If I go I'll be driving from San Jose (about one day of constant driving). You'd be more than welcome to throw your bike in the back of my truck (just don't be wearing your cock sucker racing shirt or I'll make you ride with the bikes).

When I bought my bike from Competion Accessories in Ohio it cost $300 to ship it by train from Ohio to Los Angeles via Dawson Transportation. They built a 'skid' that had a couple of 2x4s that the wheels fit in and then used 2 tie downs to hold it upright. They built a 'frame' around the bike and used shrink wrap to hold everything together. Worked like a charm.

I'm going to try to make it in October so I'd be looking to share driving duties from the Bay Area - Santa Rosa, San Francisco, San Jose. I won't know for sure if I can go till July.


You guys KICK ASS ! ! !

Guys from all over the world cooperating and coming together so they can all meet in Moab and break some bones and bikes!

You guys RULE! ! ! YEAH ! ! !

I am stoked!


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Please, No more broken knees or wrists!! Mine are all used up.

For anone looking to fly in for the "Grand Opening Ceremony for the ThumperTalk Annual Social Gathering of Proud WR Owners Group" or "GOCTTASGPWRG", here is some info. I checked www.cheaptickets.com. I can fly into either Grand Junction, CO or Denver. Flying into Denver is half the cost @$331.00 round trip.

Now, who do we know that lives in Denver??

Of course lots of us live in Denver. Between Dougie and myself (and a few others if they agree), we can get you and your bike(s) from Denver to Moab and back.

We have trucks and trailers and bike carriers and the whole works.

Denver would be the best choice for picking up your shipped bike too.


I concur wholeheartedly, Bryan.


Any idea the cost of condo rental or whatever accomodations we'll need? According to my work schedule, Monday Oct 9 is a holiday, although I am clueless as to which one. Columbus day maybe?

Any ideas out there on bike shipment? I know the AMA (membership)has a deal w/ someone, but I have not checked into it, yet.

I am still looking at several days out there. $1500-$2000 is a lot for just a couple days of riding (figure air, bike shipping, food, lodging and Sam Adams beer). I would like to take advantage of it and make the most of it.

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Hey Mitch, do you know the way to San Jose, because i have lots of friends in San Jose


2000 WR400F

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