Any heating/cooling issues on 07 yz 450?

I am leaning towards moving from my 05 KTM 300 to a YZ 450 (07 or 08). I'd like to start spending time at the mx track. I will still be riding off-road and trails (some can get tight) and I would like to ask if any have had cooling issues in slower or more technical terrain. I did a search, and only found heating issues on older models. I assume that's a good omen. Any information is appreciated.



no problems here.....then again, ive had engine ice in there since day one. Get the yz, you wont regret it!

Only time I had an issue with my 06 YZ450 was while trail riding in slow sections then waiting for other riders at the end while idling. It would spit on the ground.

But all 4-stokes have this problem…I was just too lazy to kill it then kick it to life again

get engine ice it dramatically helps havent had a boil over. and when i stop her 3 kicks or so to get her started thats pretty good haha what kinda stuff you got on your 300????

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