:D My Baby is complete. I am ready to rock and roll. Ready to dominate the SuperMotard series here in Australia. Time to kick ass and take no prisoners. :D

I had a long talk with my wife last night and announced I am going for the title. That I need time to practise and train. She is not happy, but she is giving me this yeart to prove myself. :)

I am confident gentlemen. This was the only thing that I was ever really good at. MX was fun and I am OK. But, SM, this is where I shine.... Yes, i know, I sound full of myself. But, hell, I am happy and my Baby looks DAMN hot... The bike that is... :D

Current Status:

- 17" rims front and back - 3.5" and 4.25" respectively

- Anodized Blue

- Pirelli MT60 Corsa's - 120/60 and 160/60

- Braided brake line

- YZ timed

- YS seat and tank

- SOme sponsors (remain nameless). Giving me discounts, large ones... :D

Next Updates - in order of priority

- Doug Henry Airbox with Velocity Stack

- Suspension work

- Ported, polished and bench flowed

Next Year.

I am assuming all will go well. So, I will keep the WR as a SM and purhcase a new 2001 YZ4?? with the supposed alloy frame..... That will be the MX bike.... My stocks will be worth a fortune by the end of the year... I will call my team "Fat Boy Racing" or "Cock Sucker Racing"

YES, life is good.....


By the way, photo's will be mailed to our wonderful mate Bryan over the weekend.... :)

YEEEHAAAAA. I am so ******* happy!!!!!


Kick ass and take names! You had better make sure you've got plenty of women on your team if you go with "cock sucker racing" :) .

Mitch- Best of Luck! We'll be looking forward to some racing stories!


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