I was thinking about switching from NO-Toil airfilters to Twin Air but I dont know the part # for a 06 yz450f. I am a perfered customer with Amsoil and was going to get them their,but they dont say what bike they fit they just give a part# and price. If you go to the amsoil website which of the part#'s for the TwinAir airfilters will fit my 06 yz450f?:excuseme:

At the Amsoil site, go to the online store page. Look in right margin of the store page for a red button labeled "Online Product Application Guide". On that page, choose the Powersports Application and Filter Lookup at the top of the page.

Thanks Gray!

Just wondering...why are you thinking about switching?

Just wondering...why are you thinking about switching?

Yea i love no-toil!

Yea i love no-toil!

Me's so easy to clean and my airboot is always spotless. I am impressed with the quality of the no-toil filter itself also.

Performance-wise I have not noticed any difference between the no-toil filters and any other filters...except for the performance of my wallet!

Just wondering...why are you thinking about switching?[/quote I dont think I will switch...... I was just thinking about trying the twin air brand and their filter cleaners and oil. But after I got to thinking my airboot stay's spotless also and the oil is superb. NO-Toil is the way to go!!:thumbsup:

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