oil seal clutch arm replacement ???

The seal on the left case for the shaft of the clutch arm leaks. Do I need to remove cover for this? OR can it be done any other way? Also The seal dimensions are on the fiche, will a "bearing house supplier" oil seal work just as good as OEM?

Mine is leaking big time as well. As long as they have the same dimensioned seal it should be just as good. I have a few others that are starting to leak as well. I'm planning on getting one of the seal kits on ebay for $20. That gets all of them for a decent price.

I was sorry I let my kick starter weep so long, cause when I did change it when doing clutch , I saw I could have done it without removing case.(pops out form outside) AND there was sand caked in the bearing! I dont want dirt in cases from clutch arm lever.

I just replaced my left side cover and had to replace that seal and bearing. You have to take the cover off. By the way I'm talking about an XRL. Same thing I guess. Andy

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