2001 WR

Has anyone heard any whispers about the new 01 WR 400.I currently are riding a 99 wr400 and if there significant changes I would like to update. Also have you guys heard of any problems with the KTM 400

Thanks Ross

I heard WR426...???


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.

I don't think they will go to 426, as this is an enduro bike and the class limit ends at 400... Anything bigger is not legit.

I heard,WR426 ele. start, alum. frame, carbon eveything, stainless steel spokes and sprockets, factory will set the your shocks to your weight and riding style and only 225 lb price $4995.00 I'll take two.

Well like i say if you dream you might as well dream big, real big.


2000 WR400F

A friend of mine from a mag said Yamaha told him to not bother to save a lot of space for a new bike story, they don't expect a new 400/426 this year.

www.motorcycledaily.com reports that there may be a new Yamaha 250cc four stroke to compete in the 125 class.


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They don't need to go to 426 when the WR can smoke the KTM400 and the DR-Z400, but those 2 have electric start, so I reckon Yamaha would have to think serious about adding the button, and loosing a few kgs. I know the rear guard that I have on mine is about half the weight, and I am sure there are other ares that could be addressed to save weight.


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YZ = 440

WR = ???



We can ride the others later.


If Yamaha didn't have to make it a 400 so that it fits within the enduro regs it would already be a 426. There is the possibility that MX thumpers will be limited by new rules so don't assume a 440 YZ either.

My guess:

YZ=440 (don't forget Ron has SEEN it)

WR=400 (because of the rules)

YZ250F that runs in 125 class....

I guess we'll all know on the 8th!! Yamaha's site says they'll have all the 2001's up at 12:00 eastern.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

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