running trials tires!

Just last week I switched my rear kobby for a dunlop 803 trials tire. The traction is amazing! I could never power over rocks, roots, and downed trees like I do now! :thumbsup: Just wondering how many of you guys are running them, and what you think?

I thought about using trials tyres as well, can you give us some updates on the wear rate please?

Good luck.Good thinking.


Are they road legal?

Yeah, I think they are road legal. There may be a few that aren't DOT approved, but all the advertised ones I've seen are, and I have an old set off a DT175 (vintage) in my back shed. From memory these had better traction than I expected. I thought "man, I'll need to buy some knobbies" (they were on the bike when I got it.) but left them on, went for a ride and was surprised. Give it a go. I might even put these tyres onto my rims and give em a go. Here in some Aussie forums, trail bikers with trials tyres are called poofs, but who gives a sh!t?

The D803's are strictly trials tires and not Dot approved.

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