Gonna TRY to purchase yzf again!

I have been looking for a used Yamaha 4 stroke and have been leaning towards the WR. I found a 2001 YZ250F today. He wants $3600 for it. It's close enough (4 hours away) that I can actually ride it and check it out before I purchase. Never been raced only minor scratches. I called him today and he's supposed to get back to me tommorrow. I'm gonna take a day off work to go get it if everything works out. I know this is the WR forum, but it's where I've been posting. I think the price is low (thats a good thing!). Anything I should look for when I check it out!! I appreciate everyones opinions and comments!

First off that's a great price. Also check out the 250F forum for more info and possibly post this question over there to.

I alway's ask lots of questions of type of riding, maintenance, look at overall condition of the bike and do a test ride. I know this isn't a great indicator, but I tend to look around at the sellers place, like conditon of other vehicles or bikes is sometimes a good indicator of how well he/she takes care of equipment..........TW


TW is correct. Just because the bike being sold is clean (and you know it will be because its being sold) a quick look at his garage, his other bikes, and his auto's will tell you alot more than he might be able to.

If the pipe is very blue and the paint is worn off the frame by footpegs, it doesn't mean the bike has alot of riding time on it. My pipe went blue on the first ride, and within 3 rides the frame paint had worn through a bunch on both sides.

If you buy the bike, post, and let us know how you like it.

It is really a good price for the bike.

You also might want to think if a 250 is right for you. If you are, aaamm somewhat bigboned like me, it might not be such a good idea.


Huskyrider: Thanks for the tip on the blue pipe and paint rub on the frame! I would not have known that isn't an indicator of poor maintenence. I think the 250 will fit me fine. IT's the same size as the 400/426 isn't it? At least at the dealership when I sat on all of them, they seemed to be the same size. I noticed in the pics he sent me, it has ProTaper bars and a hot start lever. Not sure if the hot start lever under the clutch is OEM or not? I'm going to check the oil color, wheels and air filter for sure. How can I tell if wheel bearings are bad. Is there anything I should look for that is a definate sign I should not buy it? I think it has stock pipe, but OEM pipe is a good one anyways right? I'm very excited and my wife even likes it! I may take the rest of the week off work and ride it! Weather permitting. Now all I have to do is get my friends to buy bikes so I have someone to ride with.

Are you looking for a MX bike or trail bike or both? The YZ is an MX bike first and foremost. The WR is trail AND MX (enduro /hare scramble type riding)

If you're heavy (say 190lbs+), the 400/426 is a better choice.

The airfilter is a great indicator of abuse. remove it and see if there's grease around the lip of the filter. Look at the kickstarter. Does it have a huge groove in the lever from the peg when starting? If so, they probably had starting problems at some point or it has a lot of miles on it. Look at the mudflap-if it's torn up the bike has miles on it.

I would strongly encourage you to bring a dirtbiking friend that has owned many bikes in the past.

When Buying a bike from someone that you do not know inspect it carefully. I have done this many times, remember that when you throw it in the back of your truck or trailer it's yours, along with any problems that may have been hidden. I go by the following procedure when checking out a used bike:

1. Front End:

Visual: check plastic fasteners for the front frnder (Any white markings in the plastic automatically generates the how many times this bike been crashed question) (1 Minute)

Look at the front forks carefully for dents and dings, slide a credit card or feeler gauge under the lip of the sweepers( Folks hide blown seals with a clean-up, but lifting the sweeper seals will allow oil to come out if the seals are blown. (2 Minutes)

Get the bike up on a stand and spin the front tire, look for dents and a bent rim. take a spoke wrench or a screw driver and tap about every third spoke or so looking for loose spokes. Listen for the sound of dirt caught in the bearings. Visually inspect the front caliper and brake pads for leaks or rust. Move the steering head side to side and listen for grinding, sticking or clicking. Check the bars and levers for signs of abuse. Check the clutch for ease of use and lubrication, same for the throttle tube. (5 Minutes)


Move to the front of the frame and look for signs of over stress (Paint cracking around welds or dents in the lower portion of the frame). Paint rubbed off without obvious damage is OK. Check all weld points to ensure that there are no broken welds. (2 Minutes)

3. Rear Wheel

Same as the front but also check for abnormal wear to the Sproket Bolts(Look for wallowed bolt holes or damage to bolts from being ridden loose) Check the drive chain for excessive side wear. a badly worn clip on the master link indicates problems with the alignment which causes premature wear out of not only the chain but the sprokets as well. Look at the rear fender and the subframe as well for signs of damage. (2 Minutes)

4. Engine

Check the area around the countershaft spocket for signs of oil leaking (Sign that the chain has been run too tight). Look for other obvious signs of damage and oil leaks. Remove the seat and check the airbox (good maintenance dictates that this area should be spotless to guard against FOD. (5 Minutes)

****NOTE***** If at any time you feel like the owner seems to be drawing you into a conversation unrelated to what you are looking at, LOOK CLOSER. I have had people start pacing or walk away, or start talking to a partner just out of ear shot....There are all signs that you should use caution.

NEVER BUY A BIKE THAT YOU CAN'T TEST RIDE FIRST.... I've heard all the excuses..."My Neighbors will call the Cops" "The Pipe is too loud" so on and so fourth.


When you do ride it....Take your time....This is an investment of YOUR MONEY. Check every system, listen to the engine for excessive or unusual noise. (It's a great Idea to first ride a friends bike that you know is in good condition so that you have a reference point to work from)

Dont pay top dollar for a bike that you have to repair to ride....

Guy never called me back. What's up with that. I've emailed lots of people and they dont ever email or call. Guess they don't want to sell them that bad. If they are too lazy to email or phone, guess maintenence on the bike will be poor also. STILL LOOKING, TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE!

FT SMITH AR? People still live there? Man...The Ft Smith Airport used to be my most favorite place in the world when I was a pilot in the Army....FLOWER AVIATION....The Hooters of the Aviation community.......Chicks in Halters and Hot Pants would guide you into parking and escourt the passengers off the ramp....I can't remember how many times a year I fell in love at that place......

I'd better stop I'm starting to sound like GA426OWNER......

Bonzai :)

Dear Newto2wheels, a little advise from a practically minded shop owner: used bikes are like buses : THERE IS ONE EVERY HALF HOUR! ( I wish someone had told me that before I bought my '99 ! ) Bring someone with you or post here about getting A fellow TT'er out with you to check it out. There was a post about helping out used bike buyers before here. Take it easy and remember that good things come to those who wait.

( Have been looking for a good used Toyota 4x4 pick-up for the past 2 months and by adopting a laid-back attitude have seen pricing vary by 5000.00 for same condition / year of truck ! )

Bonzai...Bonzai...Bonzai...after a near death experience, a painful divorce, loss of job, what more is there to life than Dirtbike riding & Racing and chasing TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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