99' throttle stop screw.

I have a 99’ WR400 I purchased new in April 99’ and believe it or not I’m just now getting around to cutting off the throttle stop screw. I’m finding a few different suggestions on the length. My question is how far open can the throttle plate be before the position sensor / computer get confused? Can the throttle plate be completely clear of the carb throat without trouble or should it still be visible. I heard of the trouble with the stop removed and I want to be careful not to make it too short.


My stop is completely removed, not trimmed, but gone, and it works fine. No problems with hesitation or confusion.


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Twin Air filter,E-Series,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,front and rear lights removed

I have a 1999. When I took the stop out completely, the bike didn't run right. Some do, some don't.

Go to the tech section and see what I did and what Baja Designs recommended.


I cut my throttle stop too short. Mitchie gave me the instructions and numbers to make a new one. I went from the massive throttle stop to essentially no stop. My bike does stumble if the throtle is held wide open in gear or neutral. It has never been right so I cannot compare it to anything. I will post an entry if my bike clears up on the hesitation w/ the new stop installed.

BTW - You cannot purchase the throttle stop from Yamaha.

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