FMF powerbomb has arrived

I just got my powerbomb header for my yz this morning. I will be running it along with my powercore 4 squared silencer- no s/a model at Glen Helen on Saturday. I will post my impression of it Saturday afternoon

How does it look? How does it fit? How does it sound?

I ran my YZ 426 with the FMF Powerbomb and IV Squared silencer this morning on the Glen Helen national track. What an improvement over stock. This thing pulled hard all the way from the bottom through the top end. The most noticible gain though was the bottom and into the mid. Glen helen has a couple uphill doubles right out of the corners that I couldnt clear before. That is now history, just a twist of the wrist and the bike rockets out. I previously had the HI-Flo header pipe on, which was better than stock, but this one flat out rips the HI-Flo header. As far as it being quieter it was slightly quieter than stock, but I really wasn't concerned with the noise in the first place. The header and pipe fit very well with no trouble in installation.

do you know of any pics on the net that I can look at?

Hey Airastro, I know coming from a YZ426 the noise factor does not really concern you, but some of us WR400 dudes would really like to know how loud, any info. would really help us to see if this is the pipe for us, thanks.


2000 WR400F

Wr guys (and gals)

I do think the the powerbomb w/ the 4 squared exhaust is a bit quiter than a stock YZ 426. This is just a brief observation. I only listened to it at idle and a little above idle without a helmet on. While riding it does seem quieter than stock but not by a huge amount. For comparison I heard a 426 go by on the track and I thought wow that is loud, and when I looked the guy was running a stock exhaust. It deffinitely WILL NOT be quieter than your WR exhaust. Sorry about the vague reply, but I didnt have a sound meter or any way technical to measure the sound.

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