yz400 to 450 cam

Is there a power difference or just the decompression factor. I don't have a problem starting the bike, but if it gives more low end power I would buy it? Is it worth doing other then the ease of starting.

I did not do the 450 cam in my 400, but did a hot cams instead. I think either on works fine. I have heard the 450 cam by itself gives you more power than the hot cams exh alone. There is more of an improvement than just the decomp. It is now easier to start, hot or cold, and if you are prone to shut your bike off, like I am, it will now bump start. Mine seems to have more bottom end and the abrupt hit right off the bottom is gone. Mine started fine with the reg cam also, but one of my main fears was crashing, which I do alot, and breaking the decomp lever off, day over !!!!!

I noticed in your other post you said yours does not have much low end power. Mine has always had a ton, compared to the 2 strokes I used to ride.

You might look to see how it is geared for starters.

There is a great link in the "sticky" at the top of this forum on timing those bikes and a link to a service manual also.

have fun


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