1998 WR400 FOR SALE

1998 WR400, bought new in the spring of 1999, IMS seat and tank, YZ timed, rejetted properly, 6 ounce flywheel weight, recently replaced chain & sprockets (Renthal and Tsubaki), good Dulop 756's Front and Rear, hand gaurds, aluminum skid plate, Renthal handlebars, I will add new plastic.

This bike performs GREAT!!  It just doesn't fit my size or riding style as well as a smaller bike does.  It has been very reliable and is ready to race.  $4,000 OBO.

Interested in trading for a 98 xr400 bought in 99? Any chance you could post a picture? And where are you and your bike?

Sorry, I'm not interested in trading. I don't have any recent pictures handy but I will take one after I put new plastic on it. I live in Effingham, Illinois.

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