Hey, this is for the Nor Cal guys

G'day all,

I have been maintaining a vigule (is that the correct spelling) on the postings for Moab in October.

If there are a few of you considering carpooling, please count me in. We can certainly entertain the best ways of doing this when we get a better idea of how many of you are actually going. If we can all find out by the end of July, we can concrete in the numbers and the means for transport.

If somebody has one of the those big-old diesels, that would be perfect. :)


what part of Nor cal are you coming to and are you going to be there in Oct. I am sure we can figure from there


Hey Bud,

I WILL be there in October, gauranteed.. :)

My office is based in Menlo Park and I will be in the Redwood City area... :D


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