GPR Stabilizer - Stock Upper Triple Grinding

Yes Dodger, you have to grind a small amount off the stock triple clamp. I ground mine down to where it is just about flush with the main section of the triple clamp. This does not affect the strength of the triple clamp. You also have to grind two small indentations on the left and right of the center portion of the triple clamp to make room when the steering head reaches it's stops when turning it left and right. Might sound confusing, but it's really pretty simple. I used a grinding bit on my drill to make the indentations.

If you want I can send you a picture of mine. Not sure how to post a picture on the forum, but if you send me a personal message with your email, I'll get a pic. to you.

Ok O' holy ones;

I was about to order a GPR stabilizer today, credit card in hand, even had good 'ol Ralph on the line from GPR. But, he says that for the bolt on mount to work on the WR/YZ's, the upper triple needed to be ground down just behind the nut in the middle that holds the clamp in place. It even shows it on the GPR web site. This is the first I've ever heard of the mod to make the GPR fit :) . I've looked very closely between the Scotts and the GPR units, and was going with the GPR due to some savings, and of course testimonials from fellow TT members. I asked Ralph from GPR how Scotts deals with the OEM upper clamp, and he says that Scott has a notch grinded out of the mounting post to allow room for the extra casting metal on the OEM clamp. Those of you who are already lucky enough to have one of these GPR units, did you have to do any "grinding mod" to get the bolt on post to fit?? This won't deter me from getting one, but may be the difference between getting just the stabilizer, or going full blown and getting a new TT, Taper bar, and unit (which wouldn't be bad, just more expensive :D:D ).

Any advise, help, or whatever you got, throw it my way.

Thanks in advance. :D


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