Dunlop D606....

Well the most I could say for the OE Dunlops that came on my 07 650L is, well they are black, and hold the bike up. I do some street riding, 40% lets say. Any how, I installed a set of the D606's about a month ago. Outstanding tire off road, they seem to hook up well on everything. As far as the street goes. Well I'm back to, they are round and hold air. At high speed 65mph + they get very hot and feel like I'm riding in jello. I'm running 18 psi rear, and 20 psi front, seems to be the best. But not impressed. I've just got back in to riding off road and need to catch up on whats out there. I'm looking for a tire that a little closer to middle ground between the two. I live in the northeast, and we got mud. Need something that cleans it self out well, but maybe just a little more manners on the street than the 606. Thanks for any help.

One reason for the high heat is the low air pressure. Try 25 (even 30) pounds in the tires and see how they behave. Because of the low pressure the tires flex. That flexing generates heat. More air means less flexing and less heat.

Yup, just west of Rochester. About 20 miles. Thanks for the info, I'll check them out. Price I'm not going to stress for the bike. I have a bill coming for tires on the Jeep that is going to run me close to a grand. Now thats stress ! lol!!

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