MOAB - October 2000 - First Annual Meeting!!!!

G'day All,

This is it. October 2000. :)

Whay not make this the first ever ThumperTalk gathering! :D

As most of you are located in the US, why not make the pilgrimage to Moab in Early October? Lets mark the calanders and make October 2000 the biggest Non-Official event on the planet. Persons, rolling to Moab from all over the US and from over the world. lets make this an event we can tell all our friends and families about. :D

I will, from my end, contact a few motorcycle mags and see whether they would be interested in a story from Moad, Utah. A story of friends, all with a common interest and love for riding. Meeting, for the first time for a few of us, to do what we all love. Riding bikes, drinking booze, and breakin the law....

Come one come all. Lets make this happen. i am sure there are many of you that have always wanted to ride with a group of people you share interests with. Imagine, all of us sitting around a camp fire telling lies, truths and dreams. Under the stary skies of Moab.

I will be there, I hope that many, if not all of you can join myself and the other rugulars for a very long weekend (even a week if we can get the time) of fun and friendship.


I am available Oct 5-15. Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.

It looks like we might have a date!

The weekend of October 7th and 8th looks like a winner. The Moab 24 hour race is 10/14 and Fat tire festival is 10/18.

Any thoughts on October 7th and 8th weekend?

I'll probably go Thursday night (10/6) and maybe even stay past Sunday depending on how long others want to stay.



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I am going to do my best to be there! Kevin, are you driving out, shipping your bike, or renting one out there? I live on the East Coast as well and need to figure this out. BTW, I did a dirtbike ride in Moab and the LaSal mtns last August with Elite Motorcycle Tours (Dale Parriot) and had a blast....Moab's like being on a different planet.

Is anyone interested in heading down to Lake Powell for a few days after riding to do a little waterskiing/wakeboarding? This would truly be the Adventure Vacation of a lifetime.


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Excellent idea Mitch!

Count me in. My wife says it is OK :) It would be so great to get as many as possible out there. We can get Bryan to start reserving condos for everyone.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics, Renthal bars, 14/52 gearing.

Count me in, all the way from Hawaii.

Wow that would be cool


2000 WR400F

Team Oatmeal Pie, is in for October. I've only been to mtb bike and that was years ago. Can those who go more often round up some details in terms of where to stay, or camp etc. and what not.

Steve you AngryCandy kind of person,

Driving is pretty much out of the question. It would take me 3 days straight just to drive there each way. I am pretty much stuck to flying. Now, do I ship my bike or rent one? The cost of the trip prohibits me from riding for just a weekend. If I am going to go, I am going to go. I am looking at 6 days there. Of course cost has to be considered. I may have to sell my body for extra cash. Let's see, .50/hr X 1 hour...OK, so I'll have to take out that third mortgage, but all you guys are worth it!!


If you are going to stay longer, then I think I will also. We copuld always go and check out other riding areas. Bryan, are you in.. :)

Count me in Mitchie!!

How many hours from Nor Cal to drive. Any ideas. Maybe some nor cal guys can get together and pool it.



I'll be living in Santa Rosa full time by October and would be more than happy to caravan/carpool. I'm tentative currently - won't know for sure until July.

I suspect it's a 13 hour drive from the Bay Area.


I am tentative as well but may be able to swing it. I have a 3 bike trailer but no truck (jeep) If we could get a truck with big cabs we could take a trailer, truck with a few bikes and 3 or 4 riding in the truck. I guess we will play by ear, but I would sure love to make this.



I've got a 3/4 ton extended cab cummins turbo diesel truck. That should do the trick. I live in Santa Clara. I'm not sure I can make it yet, but I will make a decision soon!

Mike in Silicon Valley,

Dude what is there to decide? We are talking the FIRST annual union/re-union of ThumperTalk...You don't want to be the one that ignored the first trip. You want to be a pioneer on this virgin get together. Who knows what exotic place we'll go next year?

How did that sound?

In the navy, you would be called a "Plankowner" meaning you were part of the crew before the ship (submarine) was completed. This first trip is like a plankowner thang. Yes, I meant to say thang. That is for the southern guys (Southern California??).

I'm po', and I am flying, well not as far as Mitch, but across the U.S., and shipping my bike. If the drive was <20 hours... hell, I use to do road trips a few times a year <24 hrs in length. And this is for a great cause.

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Mike & Mike in Silicon Valley - Yahoo says its 1000 miles from Santa Rosa to Moab - piece of cake, 13-14 hours. I did LA to Grand Junction a few years back in a day. I also own a Dodge Cummins Quad Cab - great minds must think alike, Cummins & WR's. The back seat may get a little crowded for 1000 miles - not to mention the amount of gear that will be carried. Three bikes & three people with gear bags is about the max. 1 truck/trailer & something w/a real back seat would probably be the hot set up.


I have a jeep grand cherokee so the ride would be smoother. So if you guys can get to Sacramento, we can head out from there.

Let me know over the next month or so. All of you planners out their will have to provide some insight for us as time goes on.



98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing


You're right, shame on me for even considering not going :D . I'll break the news to mamasan tonight :) . If you don't hear from me after this message, it means I'm probably dead :D .


Good for you. I put my Wife in her place. But first I had to ask her permission to let me think I actually was in charge!! :)


If you're coming this way let's caravan.

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