04 xr 650l valve clearance /adjusment??

Could anyone tell me were i could find info on how to check the clearence and or adjust the valves on my 04 BRP ??? thnx kex.

The intake is .004, exhaust is .006", but with the auto decom, the right exhaust has a special method to adjust, it' simple, but get the shop manual, it's worth it's weight in gold and explains everything.

My Honda service manual for an XR650L says exhuast clearance is .005, not .006. And I cant find any thing about the right exhaust valve needing special adjusting in the manual. I just read the other thread stating the same thing about the right exhaust valve. Can someone point out in the service manual where it says this? I'm kind of confused about this.

1. Remove gas tank

2. Remove timing hole and crankshaft hole caps.

3. Remove valve adjusting covers.

4. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise and align the "T" mark with the index notch of the left crankcase cover.

5. Make sure the piston is at TDC on the compression stroke. Check the clearance of the exhaust and intake valves by inserting a feeler guage between the adjusting screw and the sub-rocker arm.

6. Adjust by loosening the lock nut and turning the adjusting screw until there is slight drag on the feeler guage.

7. Hold the adjusting screw and tighten the lock nut.

8. After tightening the valve adjusting lock nut, recheck the valve clearances.

9 Install the removed parts in the reverse order

Straight from the service manual

I bumped this because I would like to know what's the deal here with the right exhaust valve. Because it's not in the manual as far as I can tell. So, anyone care to school me please?

It seems straight forward to me.

My '84 XL600R has intake clearance 0.002" and exhaust clearance 0.004" as specified in the official Honda Shop Manual.

The only thing that stands out as being something that I have to watch is that the manual decompression lever is not applying any pressure to the right side exhaust valve (it shouldn't anyway until the lever is squeezed).


I think that what you want to know is that the right exaust valve has a automatic comp.release whitch you don't want to activate when you are turning the crank to find TDC. you turn it counter clockwise and it wont activate. It may take a couple tries to get it at TDC. Hope this helps!

That's what I thought. There is no "special method" to adjust the exhaust valve. Just follow what's in the service manual. Thank you.

sounds good to me. when i did mine i followed the EXACT honda repair manual procedure and i had no prob. no excess noise or anything.

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