ride spots in oregon

Any one know were to get info. on ridding in oregon i;e-maps,places to go and direction to the ride spots ?




This is a pretty descent place to look if you're looking in the Central Oregon area. Not a lot of maps online but the contacts page should be able line you out. I have ridden in East Fort Rock some. It gets pretty dusty after spring time unless you're lucky to catch a post rain ride. Really good trail riding.

I've also ridden some in the Brown's camp area in, I believe, the Tillamook State forest. Pretty good spot as well. It's west of Portland about an hour or so. It is wetter in this area so late summer riding may be better than east of the Cascade mtns.

try this as well: http://www.oohva.org/

Hope the links work.


thanks to all the sites were geart planing a trip in july browns camp aera looks real good thanks again.


Hey guys I have a list of most of the off road opportunities in Oregon. That I will post later this week (when I get back home from bus trip) It will list what agencies manages it, where it is, and phone numbers to contact. I know there are way more areas out there but for what ever reason they are not listed but this will give everyone a good start. We are still relatively unchallenged at the riding areas, meaning no day use fees or sound checks, only occasionaly will a ranger be around to check for OHV stickers. They cost $10 for 2 years and you can get them at most shops. SO for now the managing agencies count on riders respecting the trails, picking up after themselves and doing the right thing, I sure would hate to see what going on in S. Cal happen up here. Dont get me wrong though we are under attack from the environmental elitists. But for now the agencies are on our side.

go to florance just west of eugene and ride the dunes you wont regret it. its unlike anything you have ever done before. trust me!

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