Which handlebars are you guys all running?

I have decided to get a set of new bars and wonder which would be the best for me. I am 6'1" and when I stand up for a long time, my lower back gets tight, I guess I am leaning a little bit? Are there any taller bars out there? Maybe the Renthal CR hi bends, I take it those are taller? Which do you all run and recommend? Renthal, Pro tapers? Thanks, Nick


I run the Renthal Twinwall in the Windham bend. I am also 6'1 and these have proven to be very comfortable on my 426. I also have applied clamps and run them in the furthest forward position.

I have read MANY times, the Jimmy Buttton bend is quite tall, relative to handlebars. My 6'4" buddy uses them on his 2K XR650.

I use the Renthal Jimmy Button "highs". If you go to Renthal.com they have a size chart for all of their bars. If I remember correctly the Button bars were the highest without going to the "old school" desert "ape hangers".


Pro-Tapers are the way to go. You can use to universal mount and that put's them in the right postion for fast trail riding. They are also great at relieving extra shock and vibration that comes from riding. Pro-Tapers are almost un-breakable. Try-em you'll like-um.


If you've never ridden with Pro-Tapers. You may want to. I rode a friends ATK with Pro's on it and it felt "loose". The bars flexed a lot, which some pepole like for the reduction in hard hits. But to me, I didn't get enough feed back from the bars as to what the front wheel was doing.

Check it out for yourself.


I had Pro-Taper on my Yz 250 and liked them alot and swore I would never use anything else. I bought a pair of Tag Metals T-2 bars (just like Pro-Taper bars no cross bar) and I like them even more. The wall thickness is 4.8 mm at the bends. The new Renthal Pro-Taper look alikes are the the only ones thicker at 5mm and a whole lot more money.


00'WR400 75'Yamaha 250 enduro

White e-Series S-bend 12 discs, Yz timed, rejetted to Clark specs, throttle stop cut, lid removed, Topar Racing top clamp, Tag Metals T2 bars, Scotts damper, Devol disc guard and frame guards, lights removed, Cr routed Fastline brakeline, Acerbis Rally pro hand guards fastened to the top clamp, Gel grips Live in Southwest Ohio

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