seat foam and cover for clark tank

I am 5.9, whats the best seat foam and cover to get.

I just put my Clarke tank on about two weeks ago. Went for my second ride this weekend. Twenty miles street to a deep sand motocross track, then 10 miles to a hardpack choppy track. The yz style seat & tank do make a BIG difference in the WR. That feeling of not trusting the front-end is gone. I've been fighting that feeling for two years.

Anyway I bought the IMS yz seat base, Factory effects stock height, soft foam & Factory effects seat cover. Put it together myself. Looks & works great. I am 5'9", the bike feels lower to the ground to me, maybe it's just skinnier. The seat is more comfortible riding down the down & on the track. You know when you go over a bump & the seat comes up and hits you in the butt. That used to hurt, not anymore.


Mike, Im not sure what your options are on seat foam but when I put on my YZ seat I didnt really feel it was all that shorter (im 5'8),most guys will tell you it is. The YZ Factory Effex kit fits great, if you want I'll put it on for you neighbor, Dan

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