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My Nightmare!!!

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So me and 5 buddys plan this trip south to ride some tracks and trails we planned for like 6 weeks and were very preoccupied with the plans.

One of my buddys had to bail out 3 days before we had to go because his pa had a stroke (he is doing ok now) so now its down to 5 of us. We left wisconsin around 5 pm and headed to Bartlesville OK to ride this track http://www.geocities.com/tsdmotocrosspark/

It was awesome it looked exactly like the pics

and the jumps were huge!!!. Anyways we rode up until 1 pm when my son crashed coming up short on a double banging his head off the ground. Then about 5 mins after that another rider breaks his kneecap so for the next 4 hours I am in the hospital my son with a concussion. So at about 6PM

we head to stillwater ok to ride the stillwater 500 on friday. We arrive at the track and start getting everything ready to run and I lock my keys in the van!! So for the next hour I am bending a clothes hanger around trying to open the van. once I did start riding I was so sore from the day before I couldn't even hang on to the bike. plus the track was like tar you could acctually see the rubber in the clay from tires (not something I wanted to bang my body on)

so we rode for about 2 hours. After that everyone wanted to go home on saturday except 1 person who was hauling the bikes. are plan was to drive 5 hours to chadwick MO and ride in the ozarks on saturday. So off we go to the ozarks saturday morning. After running late because of directions

We get to the park at around 4PM so we only had about 2 hours to ride my bike fouls a plug!! I was really rich for some reason but one of momilkmans friends hooked me up with a new spark plug once together I went riding but the bike was way rich and my bike ran like crap and I was mad and went back and sat aroud waiting for the other 2 to get back so we could go back to the hotel.

the next day it took us 11 hours to get back

so after 1800 miles of driving I rode the bike for 78 miles.

Just wanted to vent


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