Moab Logistics and Cost?????????

I've gotten an OK from the war department to check this out. So far I can afford the flight and freight for the bike. Can anyone fill in the blanks here:

Where are we staying motels, camping or condos?

If a condo does anyone have a line on enough for all of us?

What is the cost of condos?

How many days is everyone staying?

Is there a date set (would like to make flights ASAP and before the wife figures out I was serious)?

If I get my bike and me to Denver how will I get to Moab?

Should I rent a truck?

Help me out here guys. You can email me at or post for the others out there that are possibly going.

Has anyone posted the trip on the DRZ or YZ side?




86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat/brick.


The war department...You made me laugh. How true! :)

You know I am locked in for Oct 5-15 and have zero say in the matter. If it doesn't happen during this time frame, I am screwed with an "F". Mitch has expressed interest in staying longer than just a few days if I do, bless his heart. This trip will be too pricey for me to ride for a just a couple of days. I too am wondering when everybody local leaves (Denver guys), how am I and my bike going to get back to the airport in Denver. I am at a loss. I do know I want to go very badly. I'll gladly eat the cost. But I too need some answers. It is tough to plan for something months down the road, since so much can change.

Hopefully fate will come our way.

Hey you fun but concerned guys.

I'm sorry to leave you hanging. I'm trying to find out some details for everyone. I'm going to find out:

1) Best way to ship bikes to Denver and cost

2) How many bikes myself and buddies can cart to Moab in addition to our bikes

3) Cost of rental truck if we can't take them all

4) Cost of condos and options.

5) How many days I and others can take off that time of year.

6) Anything else that might be useful to you.

To start it all, I need to get my Colorado support group to give me an idea of their availablility and interest for that weekend.

After I have that, in the next week or so, I'll post a request for those maybe, and definately interested in the trip. Also information like if your driving, from where, shipping, etc. Once we can compile all of those stats, we can start making arangements for lodging, shipping etc.

One note on lodging, we usually stay in a nice condo about 5 miles out of town with a swimming pool and garage for the bikes. It's $200 per night and can hold 4 comfortably and 6 a little packed. So basically you can get lodging anywhere from free (camping) to about $50 per night per person. Camping is plentyful but it's first come first serve and fall and spring are peak season. So there is no guarantees on how close you would be to town and to our riding. Plus in recent years they have closed a lot of the free form camping spots close to town.

Hang in there while I get more information.


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Bill, who did you find to ship your bike? Where do you live, and how much are they charging you?

Is Denver really the best place to fly into? Denver is 330 miles from Moab...SLC shaves about 100 miles off the drive, but do any of you guys live there? Grand Junction is less than 100 miles from Moab, but may be expansive to fly to.



Thanks for all the help. When all you guys come out to the east coast next year to ride NH, I'll make sure everything is set and it'll be smooth sailing...


Grand junction is more expensive. I think about $150 each way. Plus, if you are shipping your bike, that might be tough. It may only make it to Denver (or SLC). You'll have to catch a puddle jumper out of Denver to get to GJ. SLC is closer, but then you have to get your bike to Moab. I was counting on help from our Denver friends to get to Moab. Plus, I would personally enjoy meeting people ASAP so I won't be the new guy and have to sit all by myself in the corner, unless that is where the beer is! :)


I'm in North Carolina. Kevins prices started to scare me. So I spoke with our shipping manager (who rides)and he said I should build a crate that I could tie the bike down on and cover with plywood. He will ship it from the plant here to our plant in Denver. The cost is $180.00 round trip. This is what really got me thinking I could make this trip. I have a thirteen year old who rides and needs a new bike and a 10 year old who races BMX. So money is very tight in our house. Besides dad wants Race-Tech suspension!

I'm really relying on the Colorado guys to get me and Kevin to Moab from Denver and back again.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the cost of a condo. Of course I am a World Class snorer. So I'll pay the money for the condo and may have to sleep in the garage with the bikes. But that's OK after riding a bunch and drinking more than a bunch. I won't have any problems sleeping.

Are you going to Buddds? I saw that you are! Would you like to meet up with Kevin and I. I'm also bringing a buddy from the YZ side of this forum. Email me at



Come on Colorado dudes hook us right coasters up!

Bill, I stay at the Sundowner or Cottonwood Condos in downtown Moab. The rate is $79.00 for two people and $10.00 per head for every additional person. The condo sleeps 5 and its not to bad. They also have single units for less. You can bring your mountain bikes into the condo if you bring them and there is plenty of room to park a truck. The phone number is 435-259-8897 ask for Kyle.

Yes, Grand Junction is close but could be expensive. SLC is closer (I think) but I don't know anyone that lives there.

I'll also check into prices for a Rider Truck. If enough folks are interested, we could rent a rider truck to get the bikes to Moab.


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