Does anyone run a Pro Circuit Ti-4 on their WR/YZ

If you do, have you ever had the sound testing done? Do you run the quiet tip in it? I have one and can't use it cause it is TOO LOUD!!! I was wondering if the quiet tip was that much quieter, or should I sell it and get an FMF Q? Any body help me??


I had a Ti-4, then bought a Type 496(which says it's made to be quiet) for my 06 WR450. I ended up selling them both on Ebay and putting the stock pipe back on. Both of the Pro Circuit pipes were VERY well made, but WAY too loud. I failed sound tests with both pipes. I don't know about the quiet insert. I have a friend that has the Q2 pipe on his 05 YZ450F, and he passed a sound test at 87 dB. That's quieter than my stock pipe, so that's probably a pretty good pipe to go with...

Thanks... That's probably what I'll do... I can't ride it on the street or on ORV trails...


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