Radiator leak repair?

My right radiator has started weeping after it cools. It's bone dry when hot, starts to leak after about an hour after shut down, maybe a quarter cup then stops. It looks like its coming from the joint of the core to the bottom piece just above the head pipe.

I'm going to send it off next week to be fixed. The question is where? I've found two shops one called "Myler's" and the other is Fontana Radiator.

Any experience good or bad with either of these shops? Any words of wisdom on radiator repairs on these bikes in general?


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Fontana Radiator does excellent work. I know of several people that have used them and they have had excellent results at reasonable prices.

Myers has gotten a lot of praise on this site from Bryan and others, but I have no personal experience with them.

My $0.02


You might ask the guys at "The Radiator Shop" in Lancaster, CA (they’re on 10 St West and about Ave M). I've had them do some work on my wife’s car not too long ago and notice one of the guys refurbishing a radiator off a newer model motocrosser. Looked like they did a nice job on it. The owner, I think his name is Jim, is/was a dirt bike rider. He seemed to have a pretty good clue about working on the smaller radiators without too much of a problem. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

Good Luck


Thanks for the replys, you guys are great as always :)

I'm in Lancaster almost weekly I may check them out. I talked to "Jeff" at Fontana and they seemed like nice folks.

Myler's has a good rep. but the other two are close enough for me to stop in if I need too...

Thanks again! :D


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Chris, I recently taco'd my right radiator in your neck of the woods and I heard about Fontana radiator, they fixed it for $90 bucks and it works and looks brand new, I would recommend you send it to them, if you want I'll dig out the number for you. Dan

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